OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Culture and CEO compensation Ab:110 241
A knowledge-based theory of the firm – The problem-solving perspective Ac:100 243
Inter-organizational information systems as enablers of organizational flexibility Ag:100 247
Innovation and attention to detail in the quality improvement paradigm Ag:130 251
Supply chain planning in the German automotive industry Ah:100 253
Human resource management and the permeable organization: The case of the multi-client call center Ah:130 255
Coordinating supply chains with competition: Capacity allocation in semiconductor manufacturing Ah:150 259
The strength of weak ties you can trust: The mediating role of trust in effective knowledge transfer Bb:130 261
Team learning from mistakes: The contribution of cooperative goals and problem-solving Bc:130 263
Distal and local group learning: Performance trade-offs and tensions Bc:130 265
The effects of internal versus external integration practices on time-based performance and overall firm performance Bd:100 267
Managing knowledge in the dark: An empirical study of the reliability of capability evaluations Bd:130 269
Has the national minimum wage reduced UK wage inequality? Be:230 271
A genetic algorithm approach to multiple-response optimization Ca:000 273
The biobjective travelling purchaser problem Cb:000 277
The utility of returns to scale in DEA programming: An analysis of Michigan rural hospitals Cb:220 281
Ant colony system with communication strategies Cc:000 283
The dynamic assignment problem Cc:110 285
Heuristic method for a mixed capacitated are routing problem: A refuse collection application Cc:120 287
Solving multi-objective production scheduling problems using metaheuristics Cc:150 289
Dynamical networks for information processing Cc:160 293
A simulated annealing approach for the circular cutting problem Cf:150 297
A garbage collection policy based on empirical behavior Db:220 301
Reducing simulation models for scheduling manufacturing facilities De:150 303
Image mining and massive analysis for large vision machines in astronomy Dz:280 307
Peculiarities of managing a company in crisis Ea:100 311
Decision support for the career field selection process of the US Air Force Academy Ea:130 313
Neural network forecasting for seasonal and trend time series Eb:000 317
Multiple-attribute decision support system based on fuzzy logic for performance assessment Ec:130 319
On multi-item inventory Ed:100 323
Optimal policies for a capacitated two-echelon inventory system Ed:100 325
Failure replacement and preventative maintenance spare parts ordering policy Ed:150 327
Replenishment decisions with defective items under trade credit policy Ed:150 329
How do people take into account weight, strength and quality of segregated vs. aggregated data? Experimental evidence Ee:130 331
Is smoking as deadly as you think? A research methods perspective Ee:280 335
Measures of risk Ef:110 339
Combinatorial auctions in the procurement of transportation services Ez:110 343
Recursive self-organizing network models Fb:160 345