QCAS / Volume 64 / Issue 3-4

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Phase II control charts for monitoring dispersion when parameters are estimated 110:Y 185
A distribution-free phase II CUSUM procedure for monitoring service quality 119:Y 189
Process capability in industry: Setting preliminary statistical specification limits 120:Y 191
Modelling illegal drug participation 230:B 193
Forecasting daily political opinion polls using the fractionally cointegrated vector auto-regressive model 230:Z 195
Estimating population size with link-tracing sampling 290:B 197
Inference for respondent-driven sampling with misclassification 290:Y 199
Spectrum estimation from samples 290:Y 201
Building a new culture for quality management in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 310:Y 203
Strengthening employee participation and commitment to continuous improvement through middle manager trustworthy behaviors 312:Y 207
Combined analysis of service expectations and perceptions in lodging industry through quality function deployment 313:Y 211
A quality management approach to guide the executive management team through the product/service innovation process 319:Y 215
Enabling relationship learning in intra-firm professional service teams 332:Y 217
Assessment of the ISO 9001 functioning of an example of relations with suppliers development: Empirical study for transitional economy conditions 342:Y 219
Empirical study on status of preparation for ISO 9001:2015 342:Y 221
ISO 9001:2015 – a questionable reform. What should the implementing organizations understand and do? 342:Y 225
The expert experience in adopting E-S-QUAL scale 342:Y 227
Customer relationship management and customer satisfaction: The mediating role of relationship quality 359:Y 231
Investigating consumer confusion in the retailing context: The causes and outcomes 390:Y 233
Quality management and excellence in the third sector: Examining European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) in non-profit social services 390:Y 237
Impact of total quality services on financial performance: Role of service profit chain 390:Y 241
Acceptance of Taguchi’s quality philosophy and practice by lean practitioners in apparel manufacturing 410:Y 245
Do plant inspections predict future quality? The role of investigator experience 490:M 247
Testing and confidence intervals for high dimensional proportional hazards models 511:Y 251
Goodness-of-fit tests for high dimensional linear models 511:Y 253
Statistical inference based on randomly generated auxiliary variables 512:Y 255
Random forest missing data algorithms 513:Y 257
A new Bayesian dose-finding design for drug combination trials 517:B 259
Comparison and assessment of epidemic models 519:B 261
Considerations on testing secondary endpoints in group sequential design 520:Y 263
Optimal designs for dose response curves with common parameters 520:Y 265
Bayesian nonparametrics for stochastic epidemic models 551:B 267
A practitioner’s guide to best practices in data visualization 559:Y 269
A cognitive diagnosis model for continuous response 590:Y 271
On modelling and estimation for the relative risk and risk difference 590:Y 273
Service quality appraisal: A study of interactions 670:S 275
The distinction between academic standards and quality: Implications for transnational higher education 680:T 279
Reinforcement learning from comparisons: Three alternatives are enough, two are not 680:Y 281
Managing service-specific and open-posting block sizes when allocating operating room time 690:B 283
Towards a triadic quality measurement framework for US healthcare 690:B 285
Process control and economic cost design for total quality management 720:Y 287
Conceptual modeling of the failure management process in the manufacturing industry 740:Y 291
Bayesian failure-rate modeling and preventive maintenance optimization 810:Y 295
Condition-based maintenance policies for systems with multiple dependent components: A review 810:Y 297
Small sample reliability growth modeling using a grey systems model 820:Y 301
Quantifying similarity in reliability surfaces using the probability of agreement 820:Y 305
Integration method for reliability assessment with multi-source incomplete accelerated degradation testing data 820:Y 309
Analyzing degradation data with a random effects spline regression model 820:Y 313
Remaining useful life prediction for lithium-ion batteries using a quantum particle swarm optimization-based particle filter 830:Y 315
Choosing reliability inspection plan for interval censored data 830:Y 319
Risk assessment on the EA-6B aircraft utilizing Bayesian networks 830:Y 323
Meeting overall reliability requirements for heats of steel: A case study 830:Y 327
An imperfect software debugging model considering irregular fluctuation of fault introduction rate 850:Y 331
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