QCAS / Volume 64 / Issue 1-2

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A CUSUM test for panel mean change detection 110:Y 17
Monitoring the coefficient of variation using a variable sampling interval EWMA chart 111:Y 19
Guaranteed in-control performance for the Shewhart X and X-bar control charts 111:Y 21
Improved Shewhart-type charts for monitoring times between events 111:Y 23
Bayesian monitoring of times between events: The Shewhart tr-chart 111:Y 25
Sequential rank CUSUM charts for angular data 119:B 27
Semiparametric regression control charts 119:Y 29
A head-to-head comparative study of the conditional performance of control charts based on estimated parameters 119:Y 31
A control chart-based queuing approach for service facility maintenance with energy-delay tradeoff 119:Y 33
ARL numerics for MEWMA charts 119:Y 35
Multivariate ordinal categorical process control based on log-linear modeling 120:Y 37
Prioritization of process improvement using risk evaluation in the manufacturing of biologics 120:Y 39
Bridging the gap between theory and practice in basic statistical process monitoring 130:Y 41
Two-level augmented definitive screening designs 190:Y 43
Quasi-systematic sampling from a continuous population 210:Y 45
Simulating longer vectors of correlated binary random variables via multinomial sampling 210:Y 47
Should we sample a time series more frequently? Decision support via multirate spectrum estimation 210:Y 49
Sample size calculation for comparing two Poisson or negative binomial rates in noninferiority or equivalence trials 210:Y 51
Optimal sampling design under the response homogeneous group response mechanism – a prediction approach 210:Y 53
Unbalanced ranked set sampling in cluster randomized studies 220:Y 55
Optimal designing of a multiple deferred state sampling plan for Weibull distributed life time assuring mean life 220:Y 57
Optimal sample size determinations for the heteroscedastic two one-sided tests of mean equivalence: Design schemes and software implementations 240:Y 59
Power and sample size calculation for the additive hazard model 240:Y 61
Optimally adjusted mixture sampling and locally weighted histogram analysis 290:Y 63
Applying Lean Six Sigma in the wood furniture industry: A case study in a small company 314:M 65
Six Sigma experience as a stochastic process 314:Y 67
Integration of PCA and DEA for identifying and improving the impact of Six Sigma implementation on job characteristics in an automated industry 314:Y 69
Performing competitive analysis in QFD studies using multipole moments and bootstrap sampling 323:Y 71
Being excellent: Predicting team performance, proactivity, and proficiency in technological industries 334:Y 73
Implementation barriers of the EFQM excellence model within Spanish private firms 410:Y 77
Relative contributions of product quality and service quality in the automobile industry 430:S 79
Does theory work in practice? Two case studies 490:Y 81
A semiparametric two-sample hypothesis testing problem for random graphs 511:Y 83
A new graph-based two-sample test for multivariate and object data 511:Y 85
Hypothesis testing for regional quantiles 511:Y 87
On the accuracy of fixed sample and fixed width confidence intervals based on the vertically weighted average 511:Y 89
Efficient semiparametric inference under two-phase sampling with applications to genetic association studies 512:Y 91
Estimation and inference of quantile regression for survival data under biased sampling 512:Y 93
Risk measure inference 512:Y 95
Bootstrap variance estimation for rejective sampling 515:Y 99
A simultaneous equation approach to estimating HIV prevalence with noningnorable missing responses 519:Y 101
Bayesian methods for estimating animal abundance at large spatial scales using data from multiple sources 519:Z 103
Partial replication of small two-level factorial designs 520:Y 105
Optimal design of experiments with the observation censoring driven by random enrollment of subjects 521:Y 107
Small, balanced, efficient, optimal, and near rotatable response surface designs for factorial experiments asymmetrical in some quantitative, qualitative factors 525:Y 109
Nonparametric change-point detection for profiles with binary data 551:Y 111
The weighted priors approach for combining expert opinions In logistic regression experiments 590:Y 113
Role of the human talent in total quality management-performance relationship: An investigation in the transport sector 620:Y 115
Scale measurements for airline service quality to secure passenger confidence in air travel 670:S 117
The moderating effect of gender in urgent care service satisfaction 690:B 119
New tricks for an old tool 740:Y 123
Applying statistical engineering to the development of ballistic impact flash models 790:Y 125
System reliability and component importance under dependence: A copula approach 810:Y 129
Optimal inspection of a finite population 820:Y 133
Simultaneous optimization of quality and reliability characteristics through designed experiment 820:Y 137
Multi-state reliability demonstration tests 830:Y 141
Optimal accelerated life tests under a cost constraint with non-uniform stress durations 840:Y 145
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