QCAS / Volume 64 / Issue 5-6

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Process tracking and monitoring based on discrete jumping model 112:Y 369
Some perspectives on nonparametric statistical process control 130:Y 371
Signed sequential rank CUSUMs 190:Y 373
A nonparametric adaptive sampling strategy for online monitoring of big data streams 210:Y 375
Recent developments in systematic sampling: A review 210:Y 377
Small sample inference for probabilistic index models 210:Y 379
Small area estimation of general parameters under complex sampling designs 210:Y 381
Designing of variables modified chain sampling plan based on the process capability index with unknown mean and variance 220:Y 383
An alternative approach to accept on zero and accept on one sampling plans 220:Y 387
The effect of probing “don’t know” responses on measurement quality and nonresponse in surveys 230:Y 391
Interval estimation of latent variable scores in item response theory 230:Y 393
An efficient procedure for calculating sample size through statistical simulations 240:Y 395
Estimating desired sample size for simple random sampling of a skewed population 240:Y 397
Multilevel rejection sampling for approximate Bayesian computation 290:Y 399
Speeding up MCMC by delayed acceptance and data subsampling 290:Y 401
Hazard ratio estimation in small samples 290:Y 403
The sample size required in importance sampling 290:Y 405
Healthy and effective leadership behavior through a leadership development program 312:Y 407
Lean six sigma deployment and maturity models: A critical review 314:Y 409
Integration of Six Sigma to traditional quality management theory: An empirical study on organizational performance 314:Y 413
Uncovering differences and similarities among quality function deployment-based methods in design for X: Benchmarking in different domains 323:Y 417
An Integrated approach to project management using the Kano model and QFD: An empirical case study 323:Y 421
Open lines: Improving your organization’s communication flow can boost productivity 329:Y 425
What motivates employees to participate in continuous improvement activities? 339:T 427
Does the implementation of quality standards freeze action modes? 342:Y 431
Managing customer life cycle through knowledge management capability: A contextual role of information technology 350:Y 433
Exploring the impact of product service quality on buyer commitment and loyalty in B to B relationships 359:Y 437
Antecedents of hypermarket service quality in the United Arab Emirates 390:Y 441
Linking quality with social and financial performance: A contextual, ethics-based approach 440:Y 445
The battle for customer loyalty: An examination of customer loyalty in the goods and services domain 490:Y 447
Bayesian estimation of dynamic cumulative residual entropy for classical Pareto distribution 512:Y 451
Parametric inference based on judgement post stratified Samples 512:Y 453
Causal inference: A missing data perspective 512:Y 455
Test for high-dimensional regression coefficients using refitted cross-validation variance estimation 515:Y 457
Marginal maximum likelihood estimation of SAR models with missing data 517:Y 459
Clustering over-dispersed data with mixed feature types 519:Y 461
Ball divergence: Nonparametric two sample test 519:Y 463
Spatial capture-recapture with partial identity: An application to camera traps 519:Y 465
Analyzing two-stage experiments in the presence of Interference 520:Y 467
Random networks, graphical models and exchangeability 552:Y 471
Statistical engineering: An idea whose time has come? 590:Y 473
Measuring tourists’ satisfaction and loyalty: A perception approach 670:S 475
How R helps Airbnb make the most of its data 670:Y 479
Managing quality crossroads in healthcare: An integrative supply chain perspective 690:B 483
The effect of waiting time on patient perceptions of care quality 690:B 487
Quality and statistical thinking in a parliament and beyond 690:Y 491
Insights into the antecedents of fast-food purchase intention and the relative positioning of quality 690:Z 495
An economic off-line quality control approach for unstable production process 720:Y 499
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