QCAS / Volume 50 / Issue 6

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Graphical representation of run length distributions 110:Y 601
Multi-resolution wavelets analysis approach for the recognition of concurrent control chart patterns 110:Y 603
A neural network method for modelling the parameters of a CUSUM chart 110:Y 605
A computer program to calculate two-stage short-run control chart factors for (X&#772, s) charts 111:Y 609
Adjusted loss-function charts with variable sample sizes and sampling intervals 111:Y 613
Improving process capability of manufacturing process by application of statistical techniques 120:Y 617
A Bayesian approach for assessing process precision based on multiple samples 130:Y 619
A phenomenological taxonomy for systematizing knowledge on nonconformances 190:Y 623
Sampling distributions associated with the multivariate t distribution 210:Y 627
Exemplar sampling: Nonrandom methods of selecting a sample which characterizes a finite multivariate population 210:Y 629
A diffusion-neural-network for learning from small samples 210:Y 631
Using spreadsheet solvers in sample design 210:Y 633
Maintaining race and ethnicity trend lines in U. S. government surveys 230:Y 635
Robustness of sample size re-estimation with interim binary data for double-blind clinical trials 240:Y 639
Geometric representation of high dimension, low sample size data 240:Y 641
Forecasting management philosophy life cycles: A comparative study to Six Sigma and TQM 310:Y 643
A foundation of trust 312:A 647
Benchmarking as a tool of strategic management 324:Y 649
Training: It’s not always the answer 331:T 651
An investigation into issues related to the latest version of ISO 9000 342:Y 653
TS 16949 – Where did it come from? 342:Y 655
Developing a customer-focused culture in the speculative house-building industry 359:Y 657
Obstacles to TQM implementation in Mexico’s maquiladora industry 410:M 659
The management pattern of adopting TQM in Hong Kong companies 410:Y 661
Quality management in the logistics industry: An examination and a ten-step approach for quality implementation 410:Y 663
Quality management practices in Indian service firms 410:Y 665
Performance measures and quality tools in Portuguese small and medium enterprises: Survey results 430:Y 667
A concept of optimal quality and an application 440:Y 669
‘Best” for whom? The tension between ‘best practice’ ERP packages and diverse epistemic cultures in a university context T 671
Small-sample comparisons for goodness-of-fit statistics in one-way multinomials with composite hypotheses 511:Y 675
A large deviation approach to normality testing 511:Y 677
Inferences based on a skipped correlation coefficient 512:Y 681
Subsampling methods to estimate the variance of sample means based on nonstationary spatial data with varying expected values 512:Y 683
Dual-response surface optimization: A weighted MSE approach 520:Y 685
Robustness of a class of partial dialed cross designs to the unavailability of a complete block of observations 522:Y 687
Minimum G aberration design construction and design tables for 24 runs 524:Y 689
Response surface modeling and optimization in multiresponse experiments using seemingly unrelated regressions 525:Y 691
A methodology for selecting representative input regions for accelerated testing 530:Y 693
Robust generalized regression estimation 549:Y 695
Assessing the relative efficiency of credit union branches using data envelopment analysis 610:A 697
Assessing and benchmarking maintenance performance in a manufacturing facility: A data envelopment analysis approach 840:Y 701
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