QCAS / Volume 50 / Issue 1

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Empirical non-parametric control charts: Estimation effects and corrections 110:Y 13
Multivariate quality control chart for autocorrelated processes 111:Y 17
An application and use of economic and statistical X&#772 control chart design for the textile yarn industry 111:Y 21
Modified U charts for monitoring and controlling Poisson attribute processes 112:Y 23
Sampling design and sample selection through distribution theory 210:Y 25
A survey technique for estimating the proportion and sensitivity in a dichotomous finite population 230:Y 31
The future of TQM is past. Can TQM be resurrected? 310:Y 33
Use basic quality tools to manage your processes 311:Y 35
Leadership for improvements in Swedish health care 312:A 37
The real art of strategic planning 319:Y 39
Performance measurement and business results 330:A 41
The effect of verbalized emotions on loyalty in written complaints 330:A 43
Perceptual measures of performance: Fact or fiction? 334:A 47
The quality and ethics connection: Toward virtuous organizations 339:A 49
As easy as 10001, 2, 3 342:Y 51
Using the Malcolm Baldrige National Award in teaching: One criteria, several perspectives 343:Y 55
A comparative analysis of quality management in US and international universities T 59
Bayes/frequentist compromise decision rules for Gaussian sampling 512:Y 63
Two-stage designs for identification and estimation of polynomial models 512:Y 69
Two statistical paradoxes in the interpretation of group differences: Illustrated with medical school admission and licensing data 512:Y 73
Qualitative ordinal scales: The concept of ordinal range 519:Y 77
Using logistic regression to evaluate new lid designs 540:Y 79
Beyond quality: The information integrity imperative 650:A 81
Six Sigma availability management of information technology in the office of the chief technology officer of Washington, DC 650:A 85
The impact of operational failures on hospital nurses and their patients 670:B 89
Fuzzy set theory based decision model for determining market position and developing strategy for hospital service quality 670:B 91
A service quality and success model for the information service industry 670:S 93
Updating our TQM thinking for a knowledge and service economy 670:S 97
Service quality in higher education using an enhanced SERVQUAL approach 670:T 101
Cross-cultural invariance of measures of satisfaction and service quality 690:B 103
The relationships among quality, value, satisfaction and behavioral intention in health care provide choice: A South Korean study 690:B 107
Continuous improvements of complex technical systems: A theoretical quality management framework supported by requirements management and health management 690:Y 109