QCAS / Volume 50 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Acceptance control charts for non-normal data 110:Y 481
Powerful rules for the Hotelling’s &#9672 control chart 110:Y 485
A change-point model for a shift in variance 111:Y 489
Determining the time of a permanent shift in the process mean of CUSUM control charts 111:Y 493
Two-stage short run (X&#772, S) control charts 111:Y 495
A new bivariate control chart to monitor the multivariate process mean and variance simultaneously 111:Y 497
Joint monitoring of process mean and variability with a single moving average control chart 111:Y 499
Designing Bayesian chain sampling plan (BChSP-1) with minimum angle method 119:Y 501
Learning by doing: A series of hands-on projects for SPC 120:Y 503
Evaluation of nonnormal process capability indices using generalized lambda distribution 120:Y 505
An action-research based instrument for monitoring continuous quality improvement 230:Y 507
Application of quality control in ICR data capture: 2001 Canadian census of agriculture 230:Y 509
A model for evaluating organizational competencies: An application in the context of a quality management initiative 310:Y 511
Knowledge management and its relationship with TQM 310:Y 515
Usefulness of the EFQM excellence model: Theoretical explanation of the conceptual and methodological issues 324:Y 519
A team performance measurement model for continuous improvement 332:Y 521
The new ISO 9001 and the problem of ceremonial conformity: How have audit methods evolved? 341:Y 525
Measuring the relative efficiency of a firm’s ability to achieve organizational benefits after ISO certification 342:Y 527
Leadership styles supporting ISO 9000-2000 342:Y 531
Reduced quality and an unlevel playing field could make consumers happier 490:Y 535
Contributions to two-sample statistics 511:Y 539
Testing Fisher, Neyman, Pearson and Bayes 511:Y 543
A bootstrap test of stochastic equality of two populations 511:Y 545
How surprising is a new record? 514:Y 547
Bayesian randomized clinical trials: A decision-theoretic sequential design 523:Y 549
Dependent SiZer: Goodness-of-fit tests for time series models 544:Y 551
Tables of a truncated standard normal distribution: A singly truncated case 590:Y 555
Total quality management, high-commitment human resource strategy and firm performance: An empirical study 630:Y 557
Service quality strategy implementation: A model and the case of the Algarve hotel industry 670:S 561
Managing quality in the e-service system: Development and application of a process model 670:Y 565
Quality and the scholarship of teaching: Learning from subject review 690:T 569
Bayesian binary segmentation procedure for detecting streakiness in sports 690:Z 573
Metadata-driven design of integrated environments for software performance validation 730:Y 577
Detecting changes in field reliability using data from a complex factory screen 820:Y 579
The reliability and validity of Bayesian measures for hospital profiling: A Monte Carlo assessment 820:Y 581
Are maintenance practices for railroad tracks effective? 840:Y 585
Impartial evaluation in software reliability practice 850:Y 587
Application of neural networks for software quality prediction using object-oriented metrics 850:Y 589
Resource-oriented software quality classification models 850:Y 591
A decision model for software maintenance 850:Y 593