QCAS / Volume 50 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
The optimization with the genetic algorithm apporach of the multi-objective, joint economical design of the X&#772 and R control charts 111:Y 241
A distribution-free Shewhart quality control chart based on signed-ranks 111:Y 243
Performance measures for the Shewhart X&#772 control chart 111:Y 247
Poisson moving average versus c chart for nonconformities 112:Y 251
Effect of nonnormality on the economic design of warning limit X&#772 charts 113:Y 255
A simple algorithm to determine the optimal inspection interval 290:Y 261
Integrated inspection strategy model with inspection errors and positive inspection time lengths 290:Y 263
Quality: An ethical inquiry 311:Y 265
To make it ‘total’: Quality management over subcultures 313:Y 267
A survey of TQM success factors in the UK 319:Y 269
Enabling a TQM structure through information technology 319:Y 271
An analytical framework to measure, benchmark and improve the strategic position of an organization using a quality competitiveness index 324:Y 275
Training quality managers – Do they practice what they preach? 331:Y 281
Teamwork and total quality management: A durable partnership 332:Y 283
Employee satisfaction: Does Kano’s model apply? 334:A 285
Challenges posed to performance management by TQM gurus: Contributions of individual employees versus systems-level features 334:Y 289
Innovation and attention to detail in the quality improvement paradigm 339:Y 291
Applying Six-Sigma to supplier development 351:Y 293
An empirical investigation of the channels that facilitate a total quality culture 410:Y 297
Head and heart in quality implementation – applying the quality philosophy within Irish healthcare institutions 410:Y 299
Quality management and organizational context in selected service industries of China 410:Y 301
Quality problems and their real costs 440:Y 305
Robust two-sample statistics for testing equality of means: A simulation study 511:Y 309
Improvement over Bayes prediction in small samples in the presence of model uncertainty 512:Y 311
A simple more general boxplot method for identifying outliers 514:Y 315
A note on the noncentrality parameter and effect size estimates for the F test in ANOVA 515:Y 317
Some perspectives on statistical computing 519:Y 319
The interplay of Bayesian and frequentist analysis 519:Y 321
Perfect sampling for Bayesian variable selection in a linear regression model 541:Y 323
Nonparametric Bayesian data analysis 551:Y 325
The Reverend Thomas Bayes, FRS: A biography to celebrate the tercentenary of his birth 590:Y 327
Learning curves for processes generating defects requiring reworks 660:M 329
Linking perceived quality and customer satisfaction to store traffic and revenue growth 670:S 331
The creation of output and quality in services: A framework to analyze information technology-worker systems 670:S 333
Integrating quality management practices with knowledge creation processes 690:Y 337
Estimation of the European customer satisfaction index: Maximum likelihood versus partial least squares. Application to postal services 710:Y 339
Applying sampling to improve software inspections 730:Y 343
How to obtain bathtub-shaped failure rate models from normal mixtures 820:Y 347
A flexible method for estimating the ROC curve 820:Y 349
A new algorithm to generate beta processes 820:Y 351