QCAS / Volume 50 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Process investment and loss functions: Models and analysis 130:M 121
Combining link-tracking sampling and cluster sampling to estimate the size of hidden populations 210:Y 125
Spatial models for line transect sampling 210:Y 131
Steady-state ranked set sampling and parametric estimation 210:Y 135
A simple variance estimator for unequal probability sampling with replacement 210:Y 139
Sample sizes for improved binomial confidence intervals 240:Y 143
Impact of inspection errors on the lot size problem 240:Y 147
Can the gurus’ concepts cure healthcare? 310:B 151
Total quality management as a cultural phenomenon 313:Y 153
Scope projects in 10 steps 319:Y 155
Employee empowerment: Conceptualization, aims and outcomes 334:A 157
TQM and ISO 9000 effects on knowledge transferability and knowledge transfers 342:A 159
Evaluating ISO 9001:2000 implementation using fault tree analysis (FTA) 342:Y 161
Conceptualizing and exploring the organizational effects of ISO 9000: Insights from the Oresund Bridge project 343:Y 163
Climate for improvement and the effects on performance in Swedish healthcare – A survey in the County Council of Ostergotland 410:B 165
Current status of total quality management implementation in the Turkish cement industry 410:M 167
Improving service quality at Honda 410:S 169
The relationship between TQM practices and quality performance and the role of formal TQM programs: An Australian empirical study 410:Y 171
Multidimensional quality assessment of multimedia telecommunications systems for enhancing customer satisfaction 410:Y 173
Six Sigma and the bottom line 440:Y 175
Can you pay for quality work? A government case study 440:Y 177
On the limited value of cost of quality models 440:Y 179
Two hospitals performance 490:B 181
Stoner: Built on a strong foundation 490:Y 183
A statistical test procedure for the shape parameter of a generalized Pareto distribution 511:Y 185
Significance tests for unsupervised pattern discovery in large continuous multivariate data sets 511:Y 187
A study of the statistical inference criteria: Can we agree on when to use Z versus t? 511:Y 189
The effect of multiple weighting steps on variance estimation 512:Y 191
Multivariate outlier detection in incomplete survey data; The epidemic algorithm and transformed rank correlations 514:Y 197
Assessing production quality with nonstandard measurement errors 515:Y 201
Estimating variances for all sample sizes by the bootstrap 515:Y 205
Calibrating item families and summarizing the results using family expected response functions 517:Y 209
Models for value-added modeling of teacher effects 519:Y 213
A Bayesian approach for multiple response surface optimization in the presence of noise variables 525:Y 215
Two approaches for improving the dual response method in robust parameter design 525:Y 219
Accountable business performance measurement for sustainable business excellence 610:A 221
Integrating Kano’s model into web-community service quality 650:Y 225
Online travel service quality: The role of pre-transaction services 670:Z 229
A two-sample test for reliability comparison 820:Y 231