QCAS / Volume 46 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Loss-based optimal control statistics for control charts 110:Y 241
Monitoring process dispersion without subgrouping 110:Y 245
Applying an AR(1) CUSUM control chart to data from a chemical process 111:M 247
A graphical method for checking attribute control chart assumptions 112:Y 249
Fitting population dynamics models to count and cull data using sequential importance sampling 210:B 253
Modified tightened two-level continuous sampling plans 210:Y 255
Survey sampling theory over the twentieth century and its relation to computing technology 210:Y 257
Combined continuous lot by lot acceptance sampling plan 210:Y 261
Subsampling callbacks to improve survey efficiency 230:Y 265
Sample size calculations for failure time random variables in nonrandomized studies 240:Y 267
Bayes prediction in a Pareto lifetime model with random sample size 290:Y 271
East meets west: Weaving the threads of Deming, da Vinci and the Tao Te Ching 311:Y 277
The naked truth about business excellence 319:Y 279
Effect and choice of the weighting scale in QFD 323:Y 281
Benchmarking a public service business management system 324:S 285
Benchmarking quality management practices: US versus Costa Rica 324:Y 287
Northern Ireland Electricity and the performance management movement: How five major of organizational business units compare 334:Z 289
Ecomanagement quality system: ISO 14000. The state of the art in Italy 342:Z 291
An empirical investigation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award causal model 343:A 293
Effects of supplier reliability and benevolence in business marketing 350:Y 297
Integrating supplier satisfaction with customer satisfaction 350:Y 301
Emerging countries and business excellence 390:Y 303
Quality: On the threshold or the brink? 410:Y 305
Six Sigma, process drift, capability indices and feedback adjustment 430:Y 307
A discussion of strategies for Six Sigma implementation 430:Y 309
Data mining for fun and profit 510:Y 311
Use of mathematical programming in the analysis of constrained and unconstrained industrial experiments 520:Y 315
Experimental sequence: A decision theory 521:Y 319
Sequential experimentation using two-level fractional factorials 524:Y 321
A class of three-level experimental designs for response surface modeling 525:Y 325
Revising quality awareness through internal marketing: An exploratory study among French and English medium-sized enterprises 640:A 327
Between evidence-based practice and total quality management: The implementation of cost-effective care 670:B 329
SERVQUAL and PAT: Alternative disconfirmation approaches to the measurement of service quality in the foodservice industry 670:S 333
Defining and measuring quality of care: A perspective from US researchers 690:B 335
Critical success factors in small and medium enterprises: Survey results 690:M 337
Comparisons of exponential life test plans with intermittent inspections 820:Y 341
Optimal reliability allocation with discrete cost-reliability data for components 820:Y 347
An analysis of factors affecting software reliability 850:Y 349