QCAS / Volume 46 / Issue 6

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Small sample properties of an adaptive filter applied to low volume SPC 100:Y 601
Process monitoring of exponentially distributed characteristics through an optimal normalizing transformation 100:Y 603
Evaluation of the run-length probability distribution for CUSUM charts: Assessing chart performance 111:Y 607
Detection of known items in adaptive testing with a statistical quality control method 111:Y 611
Adaptive sample size control charts for attributes 112:Y 613
Performance problems of families of non-normal process capability indices 120:Y 615
Acceptance sampling based on life tests: Log-logistic model 210:Y 619
Common myths about Six Sigma 311:Y 621
Illustration of Six Sigma assistance on a design project 311:Y 623
Judging goodness must come before judging quality – but what is the good of health care? 319:B 625
Common myths about Six Sigma 319:Y 627
Empowerment in total quality: Designing and implementing effective employee decision-making strategies 334:Y 629
How a regional quality award leads to business success and regional prosperity: The Danbury Trophy 343:Y 633
Patient satisfaction and priority setting in ambulatory health care 350:B 635
Foundations of the American Customer Satisfaction Index 350:Y 637
Approaches of the Portuguese companies for relating customer satisfaction with business results 350:Y 641
The effects of satisfaction and loyalty on profits and growth: Products versus services 350:Y 645
Service quality along the supply chain: Implications for purchasing 351:S 647
Quality management and business performance in hospitals: A search for success parameters 410:B 651
Quality practices in the manufacturing industry in the UK and Malaysia 410:M 653
Firm characteristics, total quality management and financial performance 410:Y 655
Implementation can benefit from quality experience 420:M 659
Minimizing manufacturing and quality costs in multiresponse optimization 440:M 661
Knowledge production, service and quality: Higher education tensions in Norway 490:S 663
Stabilizing bootstrap-t confidence intervals for small samples 511:Y 667
An exact iterated bootstrap algorithm for small-sample bias reduction 512:Y 673
Prior distribution assessment for a multivariate normal distribution: An experimental study 512:Z 675
Assessment of impact of measurement variability in the presence of multiple sources of product variability 515:Y 679
Experimental designs optimally balanced for trend 520:Y 685
A note on slope rotatability over all directions 525:Y 687
Price-endings when prices signal quality 640:Y 689
Optimum initial process mean and production cycle for processes with a linear trend 660:M 691
Organizational learning and the transfer of knowledge: An investigation of quality improvement 660:M 693
Test case selection with and without replacement 730:Y 697
A class of weighted dependence measures for bivariate failure time data 820:Y 699
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