QCAS / Volume 46 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Statistical process control in the presence of large measurement variation 100:Y 121
Statistical process control using two measurement systems 100:Y 125
Influence of the sampling interval, decision limit and autocorrelation on the average run length in CUSUM charts 100:Y 129
CUSUM charts for preliminary analysis of individual observations 111:Y 133
Monitoring processes with highly censored data 120:Y 139
Demonstrating Deming’s kp rule using an economic model of the CSP-1 210:Y 141
A new look at confidence intervals in survey sampling 230:Y 145
Estimating the unknown sample size 240:Y 149
Sample size requirements to test the equality of raters’ precision 240:Y 153
Quality managers and the successful management of quality: An insight 311:Y 159
Quality management hits the road 311:Y 163
The case for undergraduate education in quality management 319:T 165
Quality myths and legends 319:Y 167
The evolution of Six Sigma 319:Y 169
Effect and choice of the weighting scale in QFD 323:Y 171
A practical approach to benchmarking in three service industries 324:S 173
Organizational and quality systems development: An analysis via a dynamic simulation model 329:Y 175
The Tao of people-based management 330:Y 177
A comparative analysis of national and regional quality awards 343:Y 181
Implementation of quality programs in developing countries: A Fiji Islands case study 410:Y 183
Quality improvement in the construction industry: Three systematic approaches 410:Z 185
Evaluating the effectiveness of the New Zealand Academic Audit Unit: Review and outcomes 430:Y 187
Large data series: Modeling the usual to identify the unusual 510:Y 189
Sequential estimation of the guarantee times for systems of several exponential components 512:Y 193
Estimating the process standard deviation based on Downton’s Estimator 515:Y 197
Putting Taguchi methods to work to solve design flaws 520:Y 199
Experimental sequence: A decision strategy 520:Y 201
A new way to teach university introductory statistics courses 590:T 203
The ‘second call’: Faculty renewal and recommitment at midlife 630:T 205
Retail-data quality: Evidence, causes, costs and fixes 640:Y 207
An integrative framework for IS quality management 650:Z 211
The conceptual domain of service quality for inpatient nursing services 670:B 213
Methods of measuring health care service quality 670:B 215
An intelligent approach to integration and control of textile processes 720:Y 219
Optimal policies under risk for changing software systems based on customer satisfaction 730:Y 221
Charting service quality gaps 740:Y 223
Optimal repair of a series system with fixed repair times 820:Y 225
A Bayesian/classical approach to reliability demonstration 820:Y 227
Effects of process maturity on quality, cycle time and effort in software product development 850:Z 229