QCAS / Volume 46 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
SPC modified with percent tolerance precontrol charts 110:Y 361
Estimating the process standard deviation based on Downton’s estimator 110:Y 363
Economic-statistical design of X&#772 charts for non-normal data by considering quality loss 111:Y 365
CUSUM control charts with variable sample sizes and sampling intervals 111:Y 371
Developing control charts and illustrating Type I and Type II errors 112:Y 375
Comparison of three multivariate process capability indices 120:Y 379
Estimation of the change point of a normal process mean in SPC applications 130:Y 383
Controversies and contradictions in statistical process control 190:Y 387
Stratification by size revisited 210:Y 389
Sequential selection of an increasing sequence from a multidimensional random sample 210:Y 391
Design of a CSP-1 plan based on regret-balanced criterion 220:Y 393
The level-based stratified sampling plan 220:Y 397
Minimax strategies in survey sampling 230:Y 399
Sample size calculations for failure time random variables in non-randomized studies 240:Y 401
Business excellence through customer satisfaction 313:Y 403
An instrument for measuring quality practices in education 321:A 407
Scenario planning: A continuous improvement approach to strategy 321:A 409
Optimization impossible? 323:Y 411
Behind the learning curve: Linking learning activities to waste reduction 330:Y 413
Designing academic audit: Lessons learned in Europe and Asia 341:A 415
ISO 9000: What is its impact on performance? 342:Y 419
A detailed trends analysis of national quality awards world-wide 343:Y 421
Information, contracting and quality costs 359:Y 425
Total quality management practices in manufacturing companies in Malaysia: An exploratory analysis 410:M 427
Six Sigma beyond manufacturing: A concept for robust management 430:A 431
Should the median test be retired from general use? 510:Y 433
A simulation comparison of several procedures for testing the Poisson assumption 511:Y 435
Bayes prediction in a Pareto life time model with random sample size 512:Y 439
Some new two-level saturated designs 520:Y 443
Planning data configuration for statistical analysis 521:Y 447
Analyzing the censored life data arising in fractional factorial designs: Spin-on-fiber case study 524:Y 449
Measuring and reducing the national cost of non-quality 610:E 451
Six Sigma, e-commerce post new challenges 650:Y 455
Economic partitioning of tolerances 660:M 457
Supplementary services as a differentiation strategy: An empirical investigation of Lovelock’s model in tourism 690:S 461
Quantifying product appearance 710:Y 463
Statistical analysis of Weibull distributed lifetime data under Type II progressive censoring with binomial removals 820:Y 467