QCAS / Volume 65 / Issue 5-6

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Choosing parameter values for a geometric CUSUM chart for detecting an upward shift in a proportion 110:Y 339
Monitoring fractional nonconformance for short-run production 120:M 341
Comparing two measurement systems using the probability of agreement web app 130:Y 343
Generalized hybrid censored reliability acceptance sampling plans for the Weibull distribution 220:Y 347
The interlocking world of surveys and experiments 230:Y 349
Polling bias and undecided voter allocations: US presidential elections, 2004-2016 230:Z 351
The evolution and convergence of total quality management and management theories 310:Y 353
Increasing a gas distributor net profit through Lean Six Sigma 314:Y 357
Achieving aggressive goals through Lean Six Sigma: A case study to improve revenue collection 314:Y 361
A review of critical success factors for the successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma in manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises 314:Y 365
Designing for Six Sigma in a private organization in China under TQM implementation: A case study 314:Y 367
Lean Six Sigma meets data science: Integrating two approaches based on three case studies 314:Y 371
Improving baggage flow in the baggage handling system at a UARE-based airline using Lean Six Sigma tools 314:Y 375
Applying Lean Six Sigma methods to reduce length of stay in a hospital’s emergency department 314:Y 379
Towards a theory of operational excellence, Pauline Found, Andrew Lahy, Sharon Williams, Qing Hu 319:Y 383
From successful to sustainable lean production: The case of a Lean Prize Award Winner 319:Y 385
A quality scorecard for the era of industry 4.0 319:Y 387
Effective use of quality function deployment and Kansei engineering for product planning with sensory customer requirements: A plain yogurt case 323:Y 391
Developing an instrument to measure lean manufacturing maturity and its relationships with operational performance 329:Y 395
Total quality management and performance management systems: Team players or lonely riders? 334:Y 399
Auditing of explorative processes 341:Y 401
An empirical analysis of ISO 9001: 2008 application in Italian services and manufacturing companies 342:Y 405
Integration of the ISO 9001 QMS with the company’s IT business system 342:Y 407
Total quality management, knowledge management and innovation: An empirical study in R&D units 410:Y 409
Continuous improvement leaders, followers and laggards: Understanding system sustainability 410:Y 411
The impact of management leadership on quality performance throughout a supply chain: an empirical study 410:Y 413
Exploring customers’ perceptions about quality management systems: An empirical study in Italy 410:Y 415
Risk analysis in certification process in the field of energy construction: Case in Latvia 430:Y 417
Effectivity of quality methods used on the shop floor of a serial production – how important is Poka Yoke? 430:Y 419
Confidence intervals for causal effects with invalid instruments by using two-stage hard thresholding with voting 511:Y 421
Inference for instrumental variables: A randomization inference approach 512:Y 423
Nonparametric modelling and prognosis of condition monitoring signals using multivariate Gaussian convolution processes 551:Y 425
Projecting UK mortality by using Bayesian generalized additive models 590:B 427
Cargo-cult statistics and scientific crisis 590:Y 429
Analysis of defect propagation in the product development process based on key activity nodes 590:Y 431
Operational determinants of airline service quality: Worldwide cross-regional analysis 670:S 435
A modified EFQM excellence model for effective evaluation in the hotel industry 670:S 439
ANP-based knowledge management solutions framework for the long-term complaint knowledge transfer 670:Y 441
The evolutionary dynamics of quality assurance systems in European higher education: The view from Slovenia 680:T 443
Learning-oriented quality assurance in higher education institutions 680:T 447
Qualitative investigation of the role of quality in online community support for people living with HIV and AIDS 690:Y 451
Extreme floods are more common than you might think 690:Z 453
Predicting with plots: A simple way to determine repair rates 740:Y 455
Comparing methods for assessing reliability uncertainty based on pass/fail data collected over time 810:Y 457
A reliability assessment approach for systems with heterogeneous component information 820:Y 459
Design of extended warranty service in a dual supply channel 860:Y 463
Risk-based safety and mission assurance: Approach and experiences in practice 890:Y 467
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