QCAS / Volume 65 / Issue 3-4

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An EWMA-type sign chart with exact run length properties 110:Y 171
Optimal subsampling for large sample logistic regression 210:Y 175
An efficient sampling algorithm for network motif detection 210:Y 177
Tractable sampling strategies for ordinal optimization 210:Y 179
A spatial-adaptive sampling procedure for online monitoring of big data streams 220:Y 181
Disentangling bias and variance in election polls 230:Y 183
Quantitative evaluation of the trade-off of strengthened instruments and sample size in observational studies 240:Y 185
Hidden population size estimation from respondent-driven sampling: A network approach 290:Y 187
Malware family discovery using reversible jump MCMC sampling of regimes 290:Z 189
The relationship between corporate innovation and performance 313:Y 191
Leadership – a critical success factor for the effective implementation of Lean Six Sigma 314:Y 193
An empirical assessment of Lean Six Sigma awareness in manufacturing industries: Construct development and validation 314:Y 195
Being an excellent team: Understanding how politics influence team performance 332:Y 197
Application and development of the people capability maturity model level of an organization 334:Y 201
The effect of Europe Union common assessment framework on organizational commitment with role of job satisfaction 334:Y 205
Reference models and competitiveness: An empirical test of the management excellence model (MEG) in Brazilian companies 334:Y 207
Quality at the source or at the end? Managing supplier quality under information asymmetry 351:Y 211
Factors influencing customer choice in selection of banks in Kuwait 359:A 213
A multilevel analysis of customer engagement, its antecedents and the effects on service innovation 359:Y 217
Factors influencing customer loyalty towards 3G mobile data service providers: evidence from Ghana 359:Y 221
Developing a performance management model for the implementation of TQM practices in public education centers 410:Y 225
Application of interpretive structural modeling for analyzing barriers to total quality management practices implementation in the automotive sector 410:Y 229
Increasing accuracy of the Kano model – A case study 430:Y 233
Testing the EFQM model as a framework to measure a company’s procurement performance 430:Y 237
The role of quality control circles on new product development: A case study of Thailand 490:A 241
Introduction to double robust methods for incomplete data 510:Y 243
Detecting deviating data cells 510:Y 245
A testing strategy with adaptive dose selection and two endpoints 511:Y 247
Visualizing Type II error in normality tests 511:Y 249
The Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney procedure fails as a test of medians 511:Y 251
Multivariate functional data visualization and outlier detection 514:Y 253
Goodness-of-fit test for nonparametric regression models: Smoothing spline ANOVA models as example 515:Y 255
Optimal forecasts from Markov switching models 519:Y 257
Multidimensional scaling with very large datasets 519:Y 259
A Bayesian hierarchical model for quantitative and qualitative responses 519:Y 261
Testing for equivalence: An intersection-union permutation solution 519:Y 263
Bayesian inference for Kendall’s rank correlation coefficient 539:Y 265
Exploring the sources of uncertainty: Why does bagging for time series forecasting work? 544:Y 267
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimators of time-dependent accuracy measures for survival outcome under two-stage sampling designs 551:Y 271
Monitoring for changes in the nature of stochastic textured surfaces 590:Y 273
Opportunities and challenges of quality engineering for additive manufacturing 660:Y 275
Does meaningful use of electronic health records improve patient outcomes? 670:B 279
An empirical study of US hospital quality: Readmission rates, organizational culture, patient satisfaction and Facebook ratings 670:B 283
Influencing perception of justice to leverage behavioral outcome: A perspective from restaurant service failure setting 670:S 285
Service quality evaluation: Moderating influences of first-time and revisiting customers 600:Y 289
An extended framework for analyzing higher education performance 680:T 291
Quality in higher education: The view of quality assurance managers in Chile 680:T 295
Developing a performance evaluation matrix to enhance the learner satisfaction of an e-learning system 680:T 299
Reliability-oriented quality control approach for production process based on RQR chain 810:Y 303
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