QCAS / Volume 65 / Issue 1-2

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Weighted EWMA charts for monitoring type I censored Weibull lifetimes 111:Y 11
Abrupt change of process behavior: The Anderson-Darling detection tool 190:Y 15
Influence of total quality-based human issues on organizational commitment 313:Y 17
How Lean Six Sigma principles improve hospital performance 314:Y 21
Lean thinking: Outside-in, bottom-up? The paradox of contemporary soft lean and consultant-driven lean implementation 319:Y 23
The impact of socially responsible management standards on the business success of an organization 319:Y 27
Mechanisms and coherences of robust design methodology: A robust design process proposal 321:Y 31
A multidimensional QFD design for the service quality assessment of Kansai International Airport, Japan 323:Y 35
The interaction between occupational values and job satisfaction in an authoritative public administration organization 334:Y 39
ISO 9000 maintenance measures: The case of a Malaysian local authority 342:Y 43
The adoption of ISO 9001 standard within higher education institutions in Lithuania: Innovation diffusion approach 342:Y 47
Supplier quality management: Investment, inspection and incentives 350:Y 51
How social shopping retains customers? Capturing the essence of website quality and relationship quality 359:Y 55
How does total quality management influence the loan quality of the bank? 410:Y 59
Implementation of IEQMS model in engineering educational institutions – A structural equation modeling approach 400:Y 61
Sample size for multiple hypotheses testing in biosimilar development 511:Y 65
A general framework for estimation and inference from clusters of features 512:Y 69
Bayesian inference for assessing effects of email marketing campaigns 512:Y 73
Optimizing the use of response times for item selection in computerized adaptive testing 519:Y 77
Uncertainty quantification for monotone degradation models 519:Y 81
A statistical modeling approach for spatio-temporal degradation data 519:Y 85
Response modeling approach to robust parameter design methodology using supersaturated designs 520:Y 89
Reliability improvement of diamond drill bits using design of experiments 520:Y 93
Empirical likelihood for outlier detection in regression models 540:Y 97
How to share data for collaboration 590:Y 99
Lean service innovation 670:Y 101
Classifying restaurant service quality attributes by using Kano model and IPA approach 670:Y 105
Big data and reliability applications: The complexity dimension 820:Y 109
A data-level fusion approach for degradation modeling and prognostic analysis under multiple failure modes 820:Y 113
Analysis of repairable systems with severe left censoring or truncation 820:Y 117
Reliability analysis considering dynamic material local deformation 820:Y 121
On improved estimation under Weibull model 820:Y 125
Predicting field reliability based on two-dimensional warranty data with learning effects 830:Y 129
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