QCAS / Volume 61 / Issue 3

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Risk-adjusted cumulative sum charting procedure based on multiresponses 119:Y 185
Importance sampling in stochastic programming: A Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach 210:Y 187
Model-based sampling design for multivariate geostatistics 210:Y 189
Sample size methods for constructing confidence intervals for intra-class correlation coefficient 210:Y 193
Organisational performance and innovation in the context of a total quality management philosophy: An empirical investigation 311:Y 195
Change of the quality management culture through health-promotion activities? 313:Y 199
Six Sigma diplomacy: The impact of Six Sigma on national patterns of corporate culture 314:Y 201
What sparks quality-driven change programmes in not-for-profit service sector? Some evidence from the voluntary sector 319:Y 205
Three decades of continuous improvement 319:Y 209
Modelling continuous improvement maturity in the public sector: Key stages and indicators 319:Y 213
Multidimensional and mediating relationships between TQM, role conflict and role ambiguity: A role theory perspective 339:Y 217
Motivations and barriers affecting the implementation of ISO 14001 in Saudi Arabia: An empirical investigation 342:A 221
Standards as catalyst for national innovation and performance: A capability assessment framework for latecomer countries 342:Y 223
Impact of ISO 9001 certification cancellation on business performance: A case study in Slovenian organizations 343:Y 227
Compliance–innovation: Integrating quality and compliance knowledge and practice 349:Y 229
Improving hospital performance by use of lean techniques: An action research project in Brazil 410:B 233
The path to excellence of the Portuguese organisations recognised by the EFQM model 410:Y 237
Towards an extended set of production line performance indicators 420:Y 241
A learning alliance for robust design in product development: The case of Volvo 3P and Chalmers University of Technology 430:M 243
Resampling calibrated adjusted empirical likelihood 512:Y 245
Higher criticism for large-scale inference, especially for rare and weak effects 512:Y 247
The uncertainty of storm season changes: Quantifying the uncertainty of autocovariance changepoints 517:Z 249
Analysis of sequence data under multivariate trait-dependent sampling 519:Y 251
Universally optimal designs for two interference models 520:Y 253
Accounting for nonrandomly sampled data in nonlinear regression 542:Y 255
Bayesian inference for multivariate meta-regression with a partially observed within-study sample covariance matrix 549:Y 257
Resampling Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms: Basic analysis and empirical comparisons 559:Y 259
Hospital service quality preferences among culture diversity 670:B 261
Quality-of-service-aware service selection: A novel approach considering potential service failures and nondeterministic service values 670:S 263
Service quality management and ecosystem theory 670:S 267
How perceived service quality influences students’ satisfaction? Teachers’ and students’ perspectives 680:T 269
Combined analysis of accelerated fixed stress lab and varying stress field data 830:Y 271
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