QCAS / Volume 61 / Issue 1-2

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A quality by design approach for longitudinal quality attributes 190:Y 17
Analytical procedure validation and the quality by design paradigm 190:Y 19
Numerically accelerated importance sampling for nonlinear non-Gaussian state-space models 220:Y 21
Diagnostics for respondent-driven sampling 220:Y 25
Aggregation bias in sponsored search data: The curse and the cure 230:Y 27
On species sampling sequences induced by residual allocation models 230:Y 31
Converting survey results from four-point to five-point scale: A case study 230:Y 35
Capturing cash 314:Y 37
Roadmap to savings 314:Y 39
Six Sigma: Hints from practice to overcome difficulties 314:Y 41
Carried away: Military used DFSS and quality engineering to design the next generation of medevac helicopters 314:Y 43
Quality quandaries: Improving revenue by attracting more clients online 314:Y 45
Examining relationships between quality management and organizational performance in transitional economies 319:Y 47
The impact of ISO certification on consumers’ purchase intention 342:Y 49
Utilization of business process models in managerial practice: An empirical study in Slovak companies certified to the ISO 9001 standard 342:Y 51
A study of the Baldrige Award framework using the applicant scoring data 343:Y 55
ISO 9001 European scoreboard: An instrument to measure macroquality 349:Y 57
A business process management capabilities perspective on organization performance 390:Y 59
Total quality management principles: Implementation experience from Mexican organisations 410:Y 61
The application of the theory of constraints and activity-based costing to business excellence: The case of automotive electronics manufacture firms 440:M 65
Survey research on quality costs and problems in the construction environment 440:Z 69
Quality quandaries: Improving the overall equipment effectiveness at a pharmaceutical company 490:Y 71
Computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative variables: A review and reexamination 510:Y 73
A sequential test for variable selection in high dimensional complex data 511:Y 75
Test and estimation in binary data analysis under an incomplete block crossover design 512:Y 77
Conditional inferential models: Combining information for prior-free probabilistic inference 512:Y 79
Bayesian analysis of measurement error models using integrated nested Laplace approximations 512:Y 81
Bayesian inference for transportation origin–destination matrices: The Poisson–inverse Gaussian and other Poisson mixtures 512:Y 83
Empirical likelihood based weighted GMM estimation with missing response at random 512:Y 87
Bayesian inference for palaeoclimate with time uncertainty and stochastic volatility 512:Z 89
Variance function partially linear single-index models 515:Y 91
Joint analysis of longitudinal and survival data measured on nested timescales by using shared parameter models: An application to fecundity data 519:B 95
Estimation for semiparametric transformation models with length-biased sampling 519:Y 99
Matched case-control study with reporting bias 521:Y 101
Higher order response-adaptive urn designs for clinical trials with highly successful treatments 529:B 103
Extended mixed-level super saturated designs 529:Y 107
Simultaneous confidence bands for a percentile line in linear regression 541:Y 109
Confidence bands in non- parametric errors-in-variables regression 549:Y 111
Recent advances in process monitoring: Nonparametric and variable-selection methods for phase I and phase II 551:Y 113
Bayesian semiparametric analysis of semicompeting risks data: Investigating hospital readmission after a pancreatic cancer diagnosis 559:B 115
Improving operations performance through TQM in the post – financial crisis era: An exploratory case study of a multinational IM firm in the Greater China region 610:Y 117
Exploring perceived service quality, perceived value, and repurchase intention in higher education using structural equation modelling 670:T 121
Development and validation of a measure of the quality management practices in education 680:T 123
Beyond SERVQUAL: The competitive forces of higher education in Singapore 680:T 127
Teaching quality in higher education: An introductory review on a process-oriented teaching-quality model 680:T 131
A framework for analyzing higher education performance: Students’ satisfaction, perceived learning outcomes, and dropout intentions 680:T 135
An emerging science of improvement in health care 690:B 139
Global estimation of child mortality using a Bayesian B-spline bias-reduction model 690:B 141
Quality assurance test of delivered dose uniformity of multiple-dose inhaler and dry powder inhaler drug products 720:B 143
A first step towards engineer-oriented adaption of the repertory grid technique 740:Y 145
The characteristics of information system maintenance: An empirical analysis 850:Y 149
Effective approach to quality control for small–medium software companies 850:Y 153
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