QCAS / Volume 61 / Issue 5-6

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Developing control charts in monitoring service quality based on the number of customer complaints 110:Y 429
Behavior of EWMA type control charts for small smoothing parameters 111:Y 433
Multivariate exponentially weighted moving-average chart for monitoring Poisson observations 111:Y 435
Attribute control charts for the Weibull distribution under truncated life tests 112:Y 439
Nonparametric CUSUM control charts and their use in two-stage SPC applications 119:Y 441
Multistate Bayesian control chart over a finite horizon 119:Y 445
A Bayesian approach to determine test sample size requirements for reliability demonstration retesting after product design change 240:Y 447
Sample size determination for training cancer classifiers from microarray and RNA-seq data 240:Y 449
Bayesian estimation of a discrete response model with double rules of sample selection 290:Y 451
Performance effects of early and late Six Sigma adoptions 314:Y 453
Implementing design for Six Sigma in large Swedish product developing organizations – An interview study 314:Y 457
The impact of the conceptual total quality management model on role stressors 319:Y 459
Quality function deployment modeling to enhance industrialized building system adoption in housing projects 323:Y 463
A dual quality function deployment approach for benchmarking service quality 323:Y 467
A structured approach to integrating audits to create organizational efficiencies: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 audits 341:Y 471
Exploring the service management standard ISO 20000 342:Y 473
Development of an R&D process model for enhancing the quality of R&D: Comparison with CMMI, ISO and EIRMA 349:Y 475
ROFO principle generates ownership, commitment and team learning – mindset change before implementing total quality management 410:Y 479
Does total quality management still shine? Re-examining the total quality management effect on financial performance 440:Y 481
A two-sample test for equality of means in high dimension 511:Y 483
Frequentist accuracy of Bayesian estimates 512:Y 485
Ridge fusion in statistical learning 512:Y 487
Index models for sparsely sampled functional data 519:Y 489
The power of optimization over randomization in designing experiments involving small samples 521:Y 491
Analysis of reliability experiments with random blocks and subsampling 522:Y 493
Biased sampling designs to improve research efficiency: Factors influencing pulmonary function over time in children with asthma 529:B 495
A revisit to contingency table and test of independence: Bootstrap is preferred to Chi-square approximations as well as Fisher’s exact test 529:Y 499
I-optimal design of mixture experiments in the presence of ingredient availability constraints 529:Y 501
A robust Bayesian estimate of the concordance correlation coefficient 539:Y 505
Improving estimation efficiency in quantile regression with longitudinal data 549:Y 507
Nonparametric K-sample tests via dynamic slicing 551:Y 509
Functional form of connections between perceived service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the automotive servicing industry 660:Y 513
Tourism service quality improvement – ‘the early bird catches the worm’ 670:S 515
Impacts of investment attitude in service innovation 670:S 517
Impact of quality and environmental investment on business competitiveness and profitability in small service business: The case of travel agencies 670:Y 519
Quality of service in public transport based on customer satisfaction surveys: A review and assessment of methodological approaches 670:Y 521
A typology of customer variability and employee variability in service industries 670:Y 525
Design and blueprinting for total quality management implementation in service organizations 670:Y 529
Toyota production system for healthcare organizations: Prospects and implementation challenges 690:B 533
Does the healthcare industry report quality costs? Comparative investigations of public and private hospitals 690:B 535
Outsourcing customer support: The role of provider customer focus 690:S 537
Not part of the crowd 690:Y 541
The use of quality management systems, tools, and techniques in ISO 9001:2008 certified companies with multidimensional statistics: The Greek case 740:Y 543
Semiparametric reliability model in the failure analysis of a coal-fired boiler used in a thermal power plant – A case study 820:M 545
Inference on the Weibull distribution based on record values 820:Y 547
Stochastic optimization of system performance using cold-standby redundancy 820:Y 549
An application of Bayesian posterior analysis for disc drive annual failure rate (AFR) estimate 820:Y 551
An exact algorithm for the reliability redundancy allocation problem 820:Y 553
Bias reduction of MLEs for Weibull distributions under grouped lifetime data 820:Y 555
Bayesian analysis of step-stress accelerated life tests and its use in planning 820:Y 557
ROC Curve and AUC for a Left-Truncated Sample from Rayleigh Distribution 820:Y 559
Reliability modeling of accelerated life tests with both random effects and nonconstant shape parameters 830:Y 561
Integrated approach for field reliability prediction based on accelerated life testing 830:Y 563
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