QCAS / Volume 52 / Issue 6

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Two charts: Not one 110:Y 601
A control chart for the coefficient of variation 111:Y 603
Adaptive sampling enhancement for Hotelling’s T2 charts 111:Y 605
Merely incidental? Effects of response format on self-reported behavior 230:Y 611
Variance estimability and efficiency of a modified systematic sampling 230:Y 613
Dropouts on the web: Effects of interest and burden experienced during an online survey 230:Y 617
International network of quality assurance agencies in higher education 310:T 619
Quality management: The new challenges 310:Y 621
The science of Six Sigma 314:A 623
The link between Six Sigma and quality culture – An empirical study 314:Y 625
Six-Sigma and the revival of TQM 314:Y 627
Apply Six Sigma to sales and marketing 314:Z 629
Self-assessment against business excellence models: A critique and perspective 324:A 631
Evaluating the organizational performance of Taiwanese hospitals using the analytic hierarchy process 334:Y 633
Inspection and replenishment policies for systems with inventory record inaccuracy 351:Y 635
Pushing quality improvement along supply chains 359:Y 637
TQM and higher education: A critical systems perspective on fitness for purpose 410:T 639
The impact of TQM implementation on employee’s performance in China – an example of Shanghai Fu-Shing company 410:Y 641
Quality improvement and goodwill accumulation in a dynamic duopoly 490:A 643
A class of sequential tests for two-sample composite hypotheses 511:Y 645
Testing and merging information for effect size estimation 512:Y 647
Tests for assessment of agreement using probability criteria 512:Y 653
Ethics, confidentiality and data dissemination 519:Y 657
Randomization of neighbor balanced generalized Youden designs 520:Y 661
On block designs partially balanced for neighboring competition effects 522:Y 663
Correlation and regression analysis of the mean and standard deviation of samples of two from a gamma population 530:Y 667
Using graphical diagnostics to deal with bad data 552:Y 669
The relationship between interpersonal trust, employee satisfaction and employee loyalty 630:A 671
Does gender moderate the effects of role stress in frontline service jobs? 670:S 673
Improving quality and productivity via stratification: A call center example for forming homogeneous employee groups 670:S 675
Contrasting faculty quality views and practices over a five-year interval 680:T 677
Quality assurance of cross-border higher education 680:T 679
Exploring the efficacy of healthcare quality practices, employee commitment and employee control 690:B 681
Evaluation of statistical protocols for quality control of ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes 690:Z 683
Understanding the antecedents to customer loyalty by applying structural equation modeling 710:Y 685
Advances in data combination, analysis and collection for system reliability assessment 820:Y 687
Assessing the impact from information systems quality 850:Y 691
Measuring the usability of software components 850:Y 693
Quantifying software performance, reliability and security: An architecture-based approach 850:Z 695
Defect prevention in software processes: An action-based approach 850:Z 699
Motor vehicle recalls: Trends, patterns and emerging issues 860:M 703
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