QCAS / Volume 52 / Issue 1

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An alternative approach to multivariate EWMA control chart 110:Y 13
Two improved runs rules for the Shewart X&#772 control chart 111:Y 17
The generally weighted moving average control chart for monitoring the process median 111:Y 19
Calculating the (almost) exact control limits for a C-chart 112:Y 21
Assessing capability for hole location 120:M 25
On statistical process control design 120:Y 27
CUSUM method in predicting regime shifts and its performance in different stock markets allowing for transaction fees 130:A 33
Designing and construction of tightened-normal-tightened variables sampling scheme 210:Y 37
Exact sampling with highly uniform point sets 210:Y 41
Quality on its way to maturity: Results of the European Conference on Quality and Methodology in Official Statistics (Q2004) 310:Y 45
Emotional intelligence and Six Sigma 314:Y 47
Designing new housing at the University of Miami: A “Six Sigma” DMADV/DFSS case study 314:Z 49
An operational and institutional perspective on total quality management 319:Y 53
Analysis of ordered categorical data using expected loss minimization 320:Y 57
Core roles in a strategic quality system 321:A 59
A fuzzy optimization model for QFD planning process using analytic network approach 323:Y 61
Optimizing the formation of the quality improvement teams through a data mining-based methodology 332:Y 63
Making it look over easy 343:M 65
Employee and patient focus earns the Baldrige 343:Y 67
Methodology for customer relationship management 350:A 69
Simple tools for complex systems 430:Y 71
Principal directions of the general Pareto distribution with applications 510:Y 73
An empirical investigation into the distribution of flatness measurements 511:Y 75
Model diagnostics for Bayesian networks 519:Y 77
New frontiers in the design of experiments 520:Y 79
Is time-series-based predictability evident in real time? 544:Y 83
No humble pie: The origins and usage of a statistical chart 552:Y 87
Reputation, certification, warranties and information remedies for seller-buyer information asymmetries: Lessons from the online comic book market 640:Y 89
Design evaluation of air gap in a ceiling fan – A simulation case study 660:M 91
Statistical engineering: A case study 660:Y 93
Using computer simulation for surgical care process reengineering in hospitals 670:B 95
Business process redesign in healthcare: Towards a structured approach 670:B 99
Medical errors and quality of care: From control to commitment 690:B 103
The design of optimum component test plans for system reliability 820:Y 105
An economic reliability test plan: Log-logistic distribution 830:Y 107
On the statistical properties of testing effectiveness measures 850:Y 109
Software reliability forecasting by support vector machines with simulated annealing algorithms 850:Y 111
Automated goal-oriented classification of failure behaviors for testing XML-based multimedia software applications: An experimental case study 850:Y 113
An extended longitudinal study of the effects of a service guarantee 860:S 115