QCAS / Volume 52 / Issue 2

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Monitoring paper production using a spectral control chart designed to detect in the presence of multiple cycles 110:Y 121
Unit and group-runs chart to identify increases in fraction nonconforming 110:Y 125
Using CUSUM control schemes for monitoring quality levels in compound Poisson production environment: The geometric Poisson process 110:Y 127
New corrections for old control charts 110:Y 129
Parameter estimation and design considerations in prospective applications of the X&#772 chart 111:Y 131
Optimization of design parameters for X&#772 control charts with multiple assignable cause 111:Y 137
X&#772-charts versus X&#772/MR chart combinations: IID cases and non-IID cases 111:Y 143
Evaluating and implementing 3-level control charts 112:Y 145
A neural network method for modelling the parameters of a CUSUM chart 119:Y 149
Supplier selection based on process capability and price analysis 120:Y 151
Effect of testing normality on estimating process capability indices 120:Y 153
Testing process capability based on Cpm in the presence of random measurement errors 120:Y 155
Quantitative techniques to evaluate process stability 120:Y 157
Use SPC for everyday work processes 130:Y 159
Inference for domains under imputation for missing survey data 210:Y 161
Confidence limits for estimates of totals from stratified samples, with application to Medicare Part B overpayment audits 210:Y 163
Improved ratio estimators in stratified sampling 210:Y 165
Sample-size-restrictive adaptive sampling: An application in estimating localized elements 210:Y 171
Sub-sampling the non-respondents in two-stage sampling over two successive occasions 210:Y 173
Repetitive group sampling procedure for variables inspection 230:Y 175
On the bias of the multiple-imputation variance estimator in survey sampling 230:Y 181
Estimation of sensitive quantitative characteristics in randomized response sampling 290:Y 187
On the accuracy of statistical procedures in Microsoft Excel 2003 510:Y 191
Empirical likelihood tests for two-sample problems via nonparametric density estimation 511:Y 193
A method for determining equivalence in industrial settings: Defining and testing the equivalence of two methods or two laboratories 511:Y 199
Bayesian inference for the mean and standard deviation of a normal population when only the sample size, mean and range are observed 512:Y 201
Evaluating relationship of consistency ratio and number of alternatives on rank reversal in the AHP 515:Y 205
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis techniques as tools for the quality assessment of composite indicators 519:Y 207
Empirical likelihood for parametric model under imputation for missing data 519:Y 209
One- and two-sided tolerance intervals for general balanced mixed models and unbalanced one-way random models 520:Y 211
Designing field experiments which are subject to representation bias 521:Y 213
Tests for balanced incomplete block ranked data with ties 522:Y 217
Estimating the conditional variance of Y, given X, in a simple regression model 541:Y 219
Time series forecasting using flexible neural tree model 544:Y 221
Modeling and managing the percentage of satisfied customers in hidden and revealed waiting line systems 670:S 225
Nationwide branching and its impact on market structure, quality and bank performance 670:Z 227
An economic analysis for product and process design 690:M 229
On some reliability measures and their stochastic orderings for the Topp-Leone distribution 820:Y 231
Gas system failure rate 820:Z 233
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