OR/MS / Volume 61 / Issue 3-4

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Does the middle conform or compete? Quality thresholds predict the locus of innovation Af:100 171
Skimming from the bottom: Empirical evidence of adverse selection when poaching customers Af:140 175
Missing growth from creative destruction Af:230 181
Declining job quality in the United States: Explanations and evidence Ag:130 183
The impact of tourist destination in hotel efficiency: A data envelopment analysis approach Az:220 189
Customer learning in call centers from previous waiting experiences Bc:130 193
The lasting benefits of teams: Tie vitality after teams disband Bc:130 197
Allowing consumers to bundle themselves: The profitability of family plans Bc:220 201
Severe air pollution and labor productivity: Evidence from two industrial towns in China Bd:130 205
Why managers do not seek voice from employees: The importance of managers’ personal control and long-term orientation Bz:100 209
Applying operations research to scheduling work cells in a manufacturing environment Cc:150 213
Implementation of continuous flow in the cabinet process at the Schneider Electric Plant in Tlaxcala, Mexico Cc:150 215
Station dispatching problem for a large terminal: A constraint programming approach Cc:250 219
Open problems and issues in optimal design Cd:100 223
Optimized scoring systems: Toward trust in machine-learning models for healthcare and criminal justice Cd:220 227
The effects of rent control expansion on tenants, landlords and inequality: Evidence from San Francisco Cd:220 231
Dispatch optimization in bulk tanker transport operations Cg:250 235
Integrated passenger and freight train planning on shared-use corridors Cg:250 239
The geography of polarization 1950 to 2015 Db:220 243
Optimizing the geometry of wildlife corridors in conservation reserve design Dc:280 247
Scattered storage: How to distribute stock keeping units all around a mixed-shelves warehouse Dd:120 251
Quality and pricing decisions in production/inventory systems Dd:150 255
Are low interest rates deflationary? A paradox of perfect-foresight analysis Eb:220 259
Prioritization of stockpile maintenance with layered Pareto fronts Ed:150 263
Online network revenue management using Thompson sampling Ee:110 267
Slow moving debt crises Ef:230 271
Capital accumulation, private property and rising inequality in China, 1978-2015 Ez:230 273
Mobile shopping loyalty: The salient moderating role of normative and functional compatibility beliefs Fa:140 277
Young Russian adults’ attitudes towards the potential use of robots in hotels Fa:170 281
A comparison of approaches to advertising measurement: Evidence from big field experiments at Facebook Fc:140 283
Social TV, advertising and sales: Are social shows good for advertisers? Fc:140 287
U-shaped conformity in online social networks Fc:140 291
Emotion-oriented requirements engineering: A case study in developing a smart home system for the elderly Fz:290 295
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