OR/MS / Volume 61 / Issue 1-2

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Big data analytics in operations management Ad:000 11
Pulling the plug: The capability to terminate unsuccessful projects and firm performance Ad:100 15
Slack time and innovation Af:130 19
Utilizing public betas and free trials to launch a software product Af:140 25
Supply chain visibility and social responsibility: Investigating consumer’s behaviors and motives Ah:190 27
Starstruck: How hiring high-status employees affects incumbents’ performance Bd:130 31
Worker absenteeism: Peer influences, monitoring and job flexibility Bd:130 35
Where do stars come from? The role of star vs. nonstar collaborators in creative settings Bd:130 39
How do consumers choose between multiple product generations and conditions? An empirical study of iPad sales on eBay Bc:140 43
An extended mixed-integer programming formulation and dynamic cut generation approach for the stochastic lot-sizing problem Cb:150 47
Waste collection in urban areas: A case study Cc:220 51
Women’s college hospital uses operations research to create an ambulatory clinic schedule Cc:220 55
A joint vehicle routing and speed optimization problem Cc:250 59
Container dispatching and conflict-free yard crane routing in an automated container terminal Cc:250 61
Emergency train scheduling on Chinese high-speed railways Cc:250 65
Pricing and lot-sizing decisions for perishable goods when demand depends on selling price, product freshness and displayed stocks Cd:140 67
Optimization of telemedicine appointments in rural areas Cd:220 69
Pruning rules for optimal runway sequencing Cg:250 73
Spare parts inventory management with substitution-dependent reliability Dd:150 77
Why has urban inequality increased? Dz:220 79
Dynamic learning of patient response type: An application to treating chronic diseases Dz:280 81
Decision support for the physician scheduling process at a German hospital Ea:220 85
Predicting colorectal cancer mortality: Models to facilitate patient-physician conversations and inform operational decision making Ea:280 89
Risk averse shortest paths: A computational study Ef:000 93
Making Americans: Schooling, diversity and assimilation in the twenty-first century Ez:220 95
Evolution of black neighborhoods since Kerner Ez:220 99
Detroit fifty years after the Kerner report: What has changed, what has not and why? Ez:220 101
On-demand service platforms Fa:100 103
The operational value of social media information Fc:100 105
A semantic approach for estimating consumer content preferences from online search queries Fc:140 109
Social media and the development of shared cognition: The roles of network expansion, content integration, and triggered recalling Fc:140 115
Online reviews and collaborative service provision: A signal jamming model Fc:140 121
Evaluating large-scale IT investment decisions Fd:160 125
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