OR/MS / Volume 61 / Issue 5-6

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Ten years after the financial crisis: What have we learned from the renaissance in fiscal research? Aa:110 341
Innovation, dynamic capabilities and leadership Af:100 345
Management innovation made in China: Haier’s Rendanheyi Af:100 349
Management innovation in a VUCA world: Challenges and recommendations Ag:100 353
Design roadmapping in an uncertain world: Implementing a customer-experience-focused strategy Ag:100 357
A compass for navigating sharing economy business models Az:100 361
Employee learning from failure: A team-as-resource perspective Bc:130 365
Get noticed and die trying: Signals, sacrifice and the production of Face Time in distributed work Bd:130 369
When you work with a Superman, will you also fly? An empirical study of the impact of coworkers on performance Bd:130 373
The performance measurement trap Bd:130 377
Only when others are watching: The contingent efforts of high status group members Bz:130 381
Optimal prescriptive trees Cd:000 385
Velocity-based storage assignment in semi-automated storage systems Cg:100 387
A ride-sharing problem with meeting points and return restrictions Cg:250 391
Robust classification Cz:100 395
Analytics makes inventory planning a lights-out activity at Intel Corporation Dd:100 399
Does adding inventory increase sales? Evidence of a scarcity effect in US automobile dealerships Dd:140 403
Two-stage invest-defend game: Balancing strategic and operational decisions Ea:100 407
Temperature and decisions: Evidence from 207,000 court cases Ea:220 411
Using user- and marketer-generated content for box office revenue prediction: Differences between microblogging and third-party platforms Eb:140 415
An empirical study of free product sampling and rating bias Eg:140 419
Automation and new tasks: How technology displaces and reinstates labor Fa:100 423
Accounting for discrepancies between online and offline product evaluations Fc:100 429
Battle of the internet channels: How do mobile and fixed-line quality drive internet use? Fc:100 433
Third-party reviews and quality provision Fc:140 437
Freemium as an optimal strategy for market dominant firms Fc:140 441
Measuring and managing the externality of managerial responses to online customer reviews Fc:140 445
Building and maintaining strategic agility: An agenda and framework for executive IT leaders Fd:100 449
Online teaching in a large, required, undergraduate management science course Z:100 453
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