OR/MS / Volume 57 / Issue 4

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Do market leaders lead in business process innovation? The case&#40s&#41 of e-business adoption Af:100 311
Dynamic optimal control of process–product innovation with learning by doing Af:170 315
Analysis of the bullwhip effect in two parallel supply chains with interacting price-sensitive demands Ah:120 319
Knowledge sharing in online communities: Learning to cross geographic and hierarchical boundaries Bc:100 323
Do I follow my friends or the crowd? Information cascades in online movie ratings Bc:190 329
Are good-looking people more employable? Be:130 333
The squeaky wheel gets the grease: An empirical analysis of customer voice and firm intervention on twitter Bz:100 337
Complexity of routing problems with release dates Cc:100 341
A real-time order acceptance and scheduling approach for permutation flow shop problems Cc:150 345
Carton-mix optimization for Walmart.com distribution centers Cd:120 349
Route vs. segment: An experiment on real-time travel information in congestible networks Cg:100 353
Quest for accountability: Exploring the evaluation process of universities Dz:220 357
Decision making and the price setting newsvendor: Experimental evidence Ea:140 361
Engineering effective responses to influenza outbreaks Eb:220 363
Ranking of investment funds: Acceptability versus robustness Ez:110 367
Service failure recovery and prevention: Managing stockouts in distribution channels Ez:120 371
Analyzing software as a service with per-transaction charges Fa:110 375
Sponsored search marketing: Dynamic pricing and advertising for an online retailer Fc:110 379
Standardization and the effectiveness of online advertising Fc:140 383
Personalized online advertising effectiveness: The interplay of what, when and where Fc:140 387
Versioning in the software industry: Heterogeneous disutility from underprovisioning of functionality Fe:160 391
Understanding the changing structure of scientific inquiry Z:100 397
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