OR/MS / Volume 57 / Issue 1-2

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Market failures and public policy Aa:100 17
Project management decisions with uncertain targets Ad:100 19
Skimming or penetration? Strategic dynamic pricing for new products Af:110 21
Are safety and operational effectiveness contradictory requirements: The roles of routines and relational coordination Ag:130 25
Process flexibility: A distribution-free bound on the performance of k-chain Ah:100 29
Keep your friends close? Supply chain design and disruption risk Ah:100 33
Financial benefits and risks of dependency in triadic supply chain relationships Ah:120 37
Managing supply disruptions when sourcing from reliable and unreliable suppliers Ah:120 41
The real Oscar curse: The negative consequences of positive status shifts Bc:130 45
Is it me or her? How gender composition evokes interpersonally sensitive behavior on collaborative cross-boundary projects Bc:130 49
Triggering faultline effects in teams: The importance of bridging friendship ties and breaching animosity ties Bc:130 53
Withholding the ace: The individual- and unit-level performance effects of self-reported and perceived knowledge hoarding Bd:130 57
The dark side of leadership: Towards a mid-range theory of hubris and greed in entrepreneurial contexts Bd:130 61
Experience-based routing in call center environments Cc:120 65
Optimizing network designs for the world’s largest broadband project Cc:220 69
Hook turns as a solution to the right-turning traffic problem Cc:250 73
Optimal software free trial strategy: Limited version, time-locked or hybrid? Cz:100 77
Service systems with slowdowns: Potential failures and proposed solutions Cz:100 81
The rise of fringe competitors in the wake of an emerging middle class: An empirical analysis Db:230 85
Collaborative decision making Ea:130 89
The window tax: A case study in excess burden Eb:110 93
A probability tree model of audit quality Ed:100 97
Production smoothing and the bullwhip effect Ed:120 101
Inventory control in a spare parts distribution system with emergency stocks and pipeline information Ed:120 105
Bitcoin: Economics, technology and governance Ez:110 109
The effect of product demand on inequality: Evidence from the United States and the United Kingdom Ez:230 113
Web footprints of firms: Using online isomorphism for competitor identification Fc:100 117
The who-to-follow system at twitter: Strategy, algorithms and revenue impact Fc:130 121
The emergence of online community leadership Fc:130 125
Keyword search advertising and first-page bid estimates: A strategic analysis Fc:140 129
Improving software reliability prediction through multi-criteria based dynamic model selection and combination Fe:100 133
Integrating usability work into a large inter-organisational agile development project: Tactics developed by usability designers Fe:170 137
Quality of service approaches in cloud computing: A systematic mapping study Fe:170 141
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