OR/MS / Volume 57 / Issue 5-6

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The lives and deaths of jobs: Technical interdependence and survival in a job structure Ac:100 433
Does quality knowledge spillover at shared suppliers? An empirical investigation Ah:100 437
&#34I&#39m not hoarding, I’m just stocking up before the hoarders get here.&#34 Behavioral causes of phantom ordering in supply chains Ah:100 441
Supply chain planning for random demand surges: Reactive capacity and safety stock Ah:100 445
Phenomenological study of generational response to organizational change Bc:130 449
More harm than good? How messages that interrupt can make us vulnerable Bd:130 451
The long-run effects of labor migration on human capital formation in communities of origin Bz:220 455
The fleet size and mix location-routing problem with time windows: Formulations and a heuristic algorithm Cc:000 459
Interactive Excel-based Gantt chart schedule builder Cc:100 461
Workforce management and scheduling under flexible demand Cc:130 463
A two-phase iterative heuristic approach for the production routing problem Cc:150 467
Optimal choice for appointment scheduling window under patient no-show behavior Cc:220 471
Bayesian analysis of traffic flow on Interstate I-55: The LWR model Cc:250 475
Optimal routing for electric vehicle service systems Cc:250 479
The time window assignment vehicle routing problem Cc:250 483
Ticking away the moments: Timing regularity helps to better predict customer activity Db:140 485
Precinct or prejudice? Understanding racial disparities in New York city’s stop-and-frisk policy Db:220 489
The vehicle mix decision in emergency medical service systems Db:220 493
Using analytics to enhance a food retailer’s shelf-space management Dz:210 497
Inspecting a vital component needed upon emergency Ea:100 501
Case-specific random forests Ee:000 505
A backward sampling framework for interdiction problems with fortification Ee:210 509
Dynamic pricing for network revenue management: A new approach and application in the hotel industry Ee:220 513
Deciding for others reduces loss aversion Ef:000 517
Newsmaking and sensemaking: Navigating temporal transitions between planned and unexpected events Ef:000 521
Creating value in online communities: The sociomaterial configuring of strategy, platform and stakeholder engagement Fc:130 525
Intellectual property norms in online communities: How userorganized intellectual property regulation supports innovation Fc:130 529
Mining brand perceptions from Twitter social networks Fc:130 533
Sentence-based text analysis for customer reviews Fc:130 537
Attribution strategies and return on keyword investment in paid search advertising Fc:140 541
Investigating purchase conversion by uncovering online visit patterns Fc:140 545
Fare prediction websites and transaction prices: Empirical evidence from the airline industry Fc:250 551
What motivates contributors vs. lurkers? An investigation of online feedback forums Fc:270 555
Embarrassing exposures in online social networks: An integrated perspective of privacy invasion and relationship bonding Fc:290 559
Malware detection using nonparametric Bayesian clustering and classification techniques Fe:160 563
The societal impact of commercial drones Fz:100 567
The effects of DNA databases on crime Fz:290 571
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