OR/MS / Volume 57 / Issue 3

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Why are firms rigid? A general framework and empirical tests Ac:100 187
Modeling public–private partnerships in disaster management via centralized and decentralized models Ac:220 191
A business model innovation typology Af:100 193
The ongoing evolution of US retail: A format tug-of-war Ag:140 197
Does corporate social responsibility lead to superior financial performance? A regression discontinuity approach Bb:100 201
A dollar for your thoughts: Feedback-conditional rebates on eBay Bc:140 205
Affirmative action and the quality–fit trade-off Bd:130 209
Can private money buy public science? Disease group lobbying and Federal funding for biomedical research Bz:220 215
Optimal advance scheduling Cc:000 217
Staffing call centers with uncertain arrival rates and co-sourcing Cc:100 221
A multistage and multiple response optimization approach for serial manufacturing system Cd:150 225
Most productive scale size versus demand fulfillment: A solution to the capacity dilemma Cz:100 229
Optimal dynamic pricing with patient customers Da:140 233
Why are there still so many jobs? The history and future of workplace automation Eb:120 237
Risky business: The decline of defined benefit pensions and firms’ shifting of risk Ef:110 241
Extremes on river networks Ez:240 245
Estimating a war of attrition: The case of the US movie theater industry Fa:190 249
Learning user real-time intent for optimal dynamic web page transformation Fc:100 253
Do your online friends make you pay? A randomized field experiment on peer influence in online social networks Fc:130 259
Designing warning messages for detecting biased online product recommendations: An empirical investigation Fc:140 263
Assessing the security of web service frameworks against denial of service attacks Fc:170 269
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