OR/MS / Volume 49 / Issue 3

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Reconceptualizing the effects of lean production costs with evidence from the F-22 program Ad:260 185
Global standardization of organizational forms and management practices? What new institutionalism and the business-systems approach can learn from each other Ae:100 189
Asymmetric new product development alliances: Win-win or Win-lose partnerships? Af:100 193
Employee alignment with strategic change: A study of strategy-supportive behavior among blue-collar employees Af:130 197
Masters of war: Rivals’ product innovation and new advertising in mature product markets Af:140 201
Role-based proactive scheme in an access control hierarchy Ag:100 203
Hoping for A to Z while rewarding only A: Complex organizations and multiple goals Ag:100 205
A general theory of organizational stigma Ag:130 207
Supply chain risk identification with value-focused process engineering Ah:100 209
Value chain management for commodities: A case study from the chemical industry Ah:290 211
Team familiarity, role experience and performance: Evidence from Indian software services Bc:000 215
Performance analysis of a focused hospital unit: The case of an integrated trauma center Bd:220 217
Employee discrimination claims and employee-initiated lawsuits: Does procedural justice climate moderate the claims -> Disputes relationship ? Be:110 219
A preliminary investigation of the reinforcement function of signal detections in simulated baggage screening: Further support for the vigilance reinforcement hypothesis Bz:000 221
Marketing and operational efficiency in a two-stage data envelopment analysis: The application of financial holding companies in Taiwan Cb:110 223
Optimization tradecraft: Hard–won insights from real-world decision support Cd:000 227
The new Dutch timetable : The OR revolution Cg:250 231
The first optimized railway timetable in practice Cg:250 233
Operations research improves quality and efficiency in home care Db:220 235
Quantifying fairness in queuing systems: Principles, approaches and applicability Dd:100 237
The design and application of a robotic vacuum cleaner Dz:000 239
Estimating the intensity of conflict in Iraq Dz:260 241
Investigating unethical decisions at work: Justification and emotion in dilemma resolution Ea:100 243
An integrated decision-making approach for improving European air traffic management Ea:250 247
Polar bear population forecasts: A public–policy forecasting audit Eb:240 249
A spreadsheet implementation of an ammunition requirement planning model for the Canadian Army Ed:260 253
Managing complexity and unforeseeable uncertainty in startup companies: An empirical study Ef:100 255
How near-misses influence decision making under risk: A missed opportunity for learning Ef:130 257
Risk and risk management in software projects: A reassessment Ef:160 259
Reliability-based system-level optimization of bridge maintenance and replacement decisions Ez:250 261
Internet privacy concerns and beliefs about government surveillance – An empirical investigation Fc:130 263
The ostrich effect: Selective attention to information Fd:160 265
Control, trust, power and the dynamics of information systems outsourcing relationships: A process study of contractual software development Fd:160 267
Automatic, evolutionary test data generation for dynamic software testing Fe:160 271
The influence of organizational culture on the adoption of extreme programming Fe:160 273
Effects of E-waste regulation on new product introduction Fd:240 275
The development of science and technology in China: A comparison with India and the United States Ff:270 279
On damage accumulation and biological aging Z:280 281
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