OR/MS / Volume 49 / Issue 5-6

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Selection capability: How capability gaps and internal social frictions affect internal and external strategic renewal Ag:100 425
Manufacturing network configuration in supply chains with recovery Ah:100 429
Sharing inventory risk in supply chain: The implication of financial constraint Ah:110 433
The perceived impact of quality assurance systems on tomato supply chain performance Ah:210 435
Learning through rare events: Significant interruptions at the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum Bb:100 439
Experiencing the improbable: Rare events and organizational learning Bb:100 443
A behavioral systems analysis of behavior analysis as a scientific system Bc:100 445
Blockbuster culture’s next rise or fall: The impact of recommender systems on sales diversity Bc:140 449
Impact of quality on competitive advantage and organizational performance Bd:140 453
Measuring the performance of nations at the Olympic Games using DEA models with different preferences Cb:290 455
Delivering goods in urban areas: How to deal with urban policy restrictions and the environment Cc:250 457
Arc-routing models for small-package local routing Cc:250 461
Vehicle scheduling and routing with drivers’ working hours Cc:250 463
Reducing flight delays through better traffic management Cc:250 465
Optimization tradecraft: Hard–won insights from real-world decision support Cd:000 469
Managing service systems with an offline waiting option and customer abandonment Dd:190 473
A hybrid HLA time management algorithm based on both conditional and unconditional information De:000 477
Ad hoc distributed dynamic data-driven simulations of surface transportation systems De:250 479
Patterns of advanced manufacturing technology utilization and manufacturing capabilities Dz:150 483
Development of a green building decision support tool: A collaborative process Ea:240 487
Combining a multiattribute value function with an optimization model: An application to dynamic resource allocation for infrastructure maintenance Ea:250 491
A Plackett-Burman experiment to increase supermarket sales of a national magazine Ee:140 495
The future of statistical computing Ee:160 499
Impact of presentation format and self-reported risk aversion on revealed skewness preferences Ef:100 503
Regulatory uncertainty: A reason to postpone investment? Not necessarily Ef:110 507
The role of feedback in managing the Internet-based volunteer work force Fc:000 511
Dynamic pricing with online learning and strategic consumers: An application of the aggregating algorithm Fc:140 515
Self-selection and information role of online product reviews Fc:140 517
The influence of website characteristics on a consumer’s urge to buy impulsively Fc:140 521
Measuring open source software success Fd:160 525
User awareness of security countermeasures and its impact on information systems misuse: A deterrent approach Fd:160 529
Effects of E-waste regulation on new product introduction Fd:240 533
From peer production to productization: A study of socially enabled business exchanges in open source service networks Fe:160 537
An empirical analysis of the impact of software development problem factors on software maintainability Fe:160 541
Improving malware detection by applying multi-inducer ensemble Fe:160 545
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