OR/MS / Volume 49 / Issue 4

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Customer loyalty in clusters: Perceived value and satisfaction as antecedents Aa:130 305
A general interindustry relatedness index Ac:100 309
Innovation in megaprojects Af:100 313
Innovation behavior in the hotel industry Af:210 317
The I-Form organization Ag:100 321
Bottom-of-the-pyramid: Organizational barriers to implementation Ag:130 325
Value creation architectures and competitive advantage: Lessons from the European automobile industry Ag:250 327
Ackoff’s fables revisited: Stories to inform operational research practice Az:100 331
Psychosocial system for work well-being: On measuring work stress by casual pathway Bd:130 333
A hybrid genetic algorithm for training sequencing in the Korean railway Ca:250 335
Two ways to handle dependent uncertainties in multi-crisis decision problems Cb:000 339
A multicriteria blockmodel for performance assessment Cb:100 341
Incorporating quality into data envelopment analysis of nursing home performance: A case study Cb:220 343
Designing multimodal freight transport networks: A heuristic approach and applications Cc:250 347
Optimal price, warranty length and production rate for free replacement policy in the static demand market Cd:100 351
Valuing infrastructure investment Dc:100 353
A design theory approach to building strategic network- based customer service systems Dz:190 357
Quantifying costs of forecast errors: A case study of the warehouse environment Eb:150 361
Production lot sizing with process deterioration and machine breakdown under inspection schedule Ed:150 365
Barriers to swift, even flow in the internal supply chain of preoperative surgical services department: A case study Ed:220 367
Dirty money: Is there a wage premium for working in a pollution intensive industry? Ef:130 371
Cournot competition under yield uncertainty: The case of the U.S. influenza vaccine market Ef:220 373
Paper versus electronic medical records: The effect of access on physicians’ decisions to use complex information technologies Fa:220 377
Customization strategies in electronic retailing: Implications of customer purchase behavior Fc:130 381
Dynamic pricing and revenue management process in internet retailing under uncertainty: An integrated real options approach Fc:140 385
Application capability of e-business and enterprise competitiveness: A case study of the iron and steel industry in China Fd:210 387
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