OR/MS / Volume 49 / Issue 1-2

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Rewarding excellence: An international study into business excellence award process Ae:100 19
What competition? Myopic self-focus in market-entry decisions Af:140 23
Building efficient product portfolios at John Deere and Company Af:150 27
Niche management and its contribution to regime change: The case of innovation in sanitation Af:210 29
Life science innovation and the restructuring of the pharmaceutical industry: Merger, acquisition and strategic alliance behavior of large firms Af:220 31
Item-level RFID in the retail supply chain Ah:120 35
Assessing the impact of RFID on return center logistics Ah:120 39
How does outsourcing affect performance dynamics? Evidence from the automobile industry Ah:250 43
Configuring the field of play: How hosting the Olympic games impacts civic community Bc:210 47
Impact of peer mentor training on creating and sharing organizational knowledge Bf:130 49
Traffic-aware stress testing of distributed real-time systems based on UML models using genetic algorithms Ca:250 55
Analysis of benefits, opportunities, costs, and risks (BOCR) with the AHP–ANP: A critical validation Cb:100 59
Geography, networks, and knowledge flow Cc:100 61
Vehicle routing for urban snow plowing operations Cc:250 65
Coca-Cola enterprises optimizes vehicle routes for efficient product delivery Cc:250 69
A model, heuristic procedure and decision support system for solving the movie shoot scheduling problem Cc:290 73
Selecting and adapting weekly work schedules with working time accounts: A case of a retail clothing chain Cc:290 77
Determining optimal print layout for best reading performance in Chinese Cd:290 81
Optimizing the landslide operation of a container terminal Cg:120 85
Operations research at container terminals: A literature update Cg:120 89
Optimizing highway transportation at the United States Postal Service Cg:220 93
Coordinated credit policy and inventory control for a single vendor and a single buyer Dd:110 97
Application of an adaptive neural fuzzy inference system to thermal comfort and group technology problems Ec:150 101
The assortment problem: A survey (Invited review) Ed:000 103
Optimal retailer’s inventory policy under two-level trade credit and two-level storage Ed:120 113
Spreadsheet models for inventory target setting at Procter & Gamble Ed:150 117
Myopic risk seeking: The impact of narrow decision bracketing on lottery play, Emily Haisley, R. Mostafa and G. Lowenstein Ef:210 119
Modelling lateral spacing and separation for airborne separation assurance using Petri Nets Ef:250 121
Predicted risk perception and risk-taking behavior: The case of impaired driving Ef:250 125
Fair payments for efficient allocations in public sector combinatorial auctions Ez:200 129
Decarbonization: Achieving near-total energy independence and near-total elimination of greenhouse emissions with available technologies Ez:280 131
A faceted approach to information retrieval Fd:160 135
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