OR/MS / Volume 40 / Issue 6

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Operational research in practice: Consultancy in industry revisited Ab:000 603
The coevolution of new organizational forms Ac:100 607
Developing a foundation for strategy at Seagate Software Af:100 609
Strategic management and implementation of textual data mining in government organizations Af:100 613
Advanced manufacturing technologies and strategically flexible production Af:150 619
Supply chain benefits from advanced customer commitments Ah:000 623
The impact of human resource management practices on manufacturing performance Az:150 625
Toward a social psychological program for improving focus group methods of developing questionnaires Bc:130 627
Simulating project work processes and organizations: Toward a micro-contingency theory of organizational design Bc:150 631
How control in human-asset-intensive firms differs from physical-asset-intensive firms: A multi-level approach Bd:130 633
A genetic algorithm approach to policy design for consequence minimization Ca:000 637
A taxonomy of industries based on knowledge flow structure Cc:100 639
Scheduling to improve field service quality Cc:150 641
Linking performance measures to resource allocation: exploring unmapped terrain Cd:130 645
Optimal pricing strategy for new products Cd:140 649
Impact of new manufacturing requirements on production line productivity and quality at a focused factory Cz:150 653
Policy interaction in the provision of unemployment insurance and low-income assistance by state government Db:230 659
Telling stories: A metagame description of a conflict Dc:000 663
Outside-in strategic modeling Ea:000 667
A decision support system for planning manufacturers’ sales promotion calendars Ea:140 669
Valuation of R&D projects using options pricing and decision analysis models Ea:170 673
Economic preferences or attitude expressions?: An analysis of dollar responses to public issues Ea:230 677
Why information technology inspired but cannot deliver knowledge management Fb:000 679
When and how is the internet likely to decrease price competition? Fc:140 681
Profiles of strategic information systems planning Fd:000 683
The success of marketing management support systems Fd:140 687
Cautions on the use of the SERVQUAL measure to assess the quality of information systems services Fd:160 691
A conceptual basis for feature engineering Fe:160 695
Consistency management in a process environment Fe:160 699
Success in high-technology markets: Is marketing capability critical? Fz:140 701
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