OR/MS / Volume 40 / Issue 1

Title Cat:App Page
An integrated product and process development methodology: Concept formulation Ad:100 15
What role for management in science? Ad:100 17
The enterprise development: Direct employee participation in strategic planning Af:130 19
The new competencies of leadership Af:130 23
Integrating business excellence and innovation management: Developing a culture for innovation, creativity and learning Af:170 25
Systemic innovation and the virtues of going virtual: The case of the digital video disc Af:170 27
A nation’s international competitiveness in different stages of economic development Af:230 31
Improving service quality within the supply chain: An Australian study Ah:100 33
Integration of the supply chain for total through-cost reduction Ah:150 37
Decentralized multi-echelon supply chains: Incentives and information Ah:150 39
Straight talk: Delivering bad news through electronic communication Bb:130 43
Electronic brainstorming: The illusion of productivity Bc:130 47
Knowledge base improvement through genetic algorithms Ca:000 51
Beyond backpropagation: Using simulated annealing for training neural networks Cf:000 55
Inventory reduction and productivity growth: Linkages in the Japanese automotive industry Dd:150 57
Fuzzy method in group decision making Ea:130 61
IT spending in the midst of the Asian economic downturn: A Singapore perspective F:160 63
‘Mind the gap’: Diagnosing the relationship between the IT organization and the rest of the business F:160 65
The relationship between information system planning sophistication and information system success: An empirical assessment Fa:160 69
Adoption of new information technologies in rural small businesses Fa:220 73
Knowledge management: The way forward Fb:160 77
Building a company on internet time: Lessons from Netscape Fb:160 79
The value of internet commerce to the customer Fc:140 83
Web-based product and process data modelling in concurrent “design for X” Fc:160 85
A self-organizing neural-network-based fuzzy system Fd:160 89
Toward an integration of data flow and domain testing Fe:000 91
Software process simulation for reliability management Fe:160 95
The impact of feedback in the global software process Fe:160 99
Technology management education: Alternative models Fz:160 103