OR/MS / Volume 40 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Putting soft OR methods to work: The case of the business improvement project at PowerGen Aa:240 241
Signaling new product introductions: A framework explaining the timing of preannouncements Af:140 245
Growing systems in emergent organizations Af:170 249
A methodology for competitive advantage analysis and strategy formulation: An example in a transitional economy Af:230 251
Organizational culture and advanced manufacturing technology implementation Ag:150 255
Coordinating investment, production and subcontracting Ah:150 259
Managing supply chain demand variability with scheduled ordering policies Ah:150 263
A new paradigm for durable product design with up-front consideration of lifetime performance Cb:100 265
Measuring efficiency by product group: Integrating DEA with activity-based accounting in a large Mideast bank Cb:110 269
Design of partially survivable networks for cellular telecommunication systems Cc:220 273
Municipal solid waste collection: An effective data structure for solving the sectorization problem with local search methods Ce:220 275
Using simulated annealing to minimize the cost of centralized telecommunications networks Cf:190 279
A maritime global route planning model for hazardous materials transportation Cg:210 283
Economic theory, domestic policies and long-rates: 1994, a case study Db:230 287
Influence of light level on the incidence of road casualties and the predicted effect of changing ‘summertime’ Db:250 289
Inventory control under speculation: Myopic heuristics and exact procedures Dd:150 293
Approximate portfolio analysis Df:110 295
A methodology for solving single-model, stochastic assembly line balancing problem Df:150 299
Holistic customer requirements and the design-select decision Ea:130 301
Identification of demand patterns for selective processing: A case study Eb:150 305
Forecasting on British election night 1997 Eb:290 309
Detection of welding flaws from radiographic images with fuzzy clustering methods Ec:150 313
Marriage of fuzzy sets and multiple correspondence analysis: Examples with subjective interval data and biomedical signals Ec:280 315
Echelon reorder points, installation reorder points and the value of centralized demand information Ed:150 319
Schumann, a modeling framework for supply chain management under uncertainty Ef:150 321
Exploring the relation of economic and political conditions with refusal rates to a government survey Eg:000 325
Optimizing expert systems: Heuristics for efficiently generating low-cost information acquisition strategies Fb:000 327
The internet and the revolution in distribution: A cross-industry examination Fc:150 331
Managing organizational knowledge integration in the emerging multimedia complex Fc:160 335
Software asset management: Analysis, development and implementation Fe:000 339
The reality of user-centered design Ff:130 341
Technology diffusion policy: A review and classification of policy practices Ff:230 345
Testing and evaluating computer intrusion detection systems Fz:160 347