OR/MS / Volume 40 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Profits and productivity Ab:110 363
Identifying and structuring values to guide integrated resource planning at BC Gas Ad:220 365
Is workers’ compensation a substitute for unemployment insurance? Ae:290 369
Integrating human resource strategy and strategic planning to achieve business excellence Af:100 371
Large firms and knowledge flows in the Dutch R&D system: A case study of Philips Electronics Af:170 375
Defense conversion and systems architecture: Challenges to Taiwan’s aircraft industry Af:250 379
Knowing “what” to do is not enough: Turning knowledge into action Ag:000 381
Developing a market oriented culture: A critical evaluation Ag:140 385
Involving suppliers in new product development Ah:170 389
Meeting management and group character development Bc:130 393
A synergetic approach to genetic algorithms for solving traveling salesman problem Ca:000 397
Operations, quality and profitability in the provision of banking services Cb:110 399
On equitable resource allocation problems: A lexicographic minimax approach Cd:000 403
Focusing material requirements planning (MRP) towards performance Cd:150 407
Avoiding complexity catastrophe in coevolutionary pockets: Strategies for rugged landscapes Da:000 409
Fuzzy modeling and adaptive control of uncertain chaotic systems Da:000 411
Through the looking glass of complexity: The dynamics of organizations as adaptive and evolving systems Da:100 413
A mixed integer nonlinear program for oilfield production planning Da:240 415
On dynamic policies for quality, price and advertising Db:140 417
Old economic logic in the new economy Db:230 419
Nash equilibrium and the history of economic theory Dc:230 421
Organization culture as a complex system: Balance and information in models of influence and selection De:000 427
Designing portfolios of financial products via integrated simulation and optimization models De:110 429
Including decision attitude in probabilistic decision making Ea:000 431
Value-focused thinking in a difficult context: Planning tourism for Guimaras, Philippines Ea:220 435
Soft modelling and fuzzy logic control of wheeled skid-steer electric vehicles with steering prioritization Ec:280 437
Process variation as a determinant of bank performance: Evidence from the retail banking study Ee:110 441
Should stores be open on Sunday? The impact of Sunday opening on the retail trade sector in New Brunswick Ee:220 445
Evolutionary patterns of flexible automation and performance: A longitudinal study Fa:150 447
Evolving complex robot behaviors Fa:150 451
A neural network-based intelligent metasearch engine Fb:000 453
Machine learning and data mining Fb:280 457
Experience with software process simulation and modeling Fe:160 459
Identifying objects in legacy systems using design metrics Fe:160 461
Checking safety properties using compositional reachability analysis Fe:160 465
A multi-method evaluation of journals in the decision and management sciences by US academics Z:170 469