OR/MS / Volume 40 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
The influence of professional and statutory bodies on professional schools within New Zealand tertiary institutions Ae:290 483
The illusory diffusion of innovation: An examination of assimilation gaps Af:000 487
Interrelationships among the elements of national innovation systems: A statistical evaluation Af:000 491
Organizational diversity, evolution and cladistic classifications Ag:100 495
The paradox of unsatisfying but stable relationships: A look at German car suppliers Ah:100 497
Beating the clock: Corporate responses to rapid change in the PC industry Ah:160 501
Straight talk: Delivering bad news through electronic communication Bb:160 505
Does relationship marketing pay? An empirical investigation of relationship marketing practices in hospitals Bz:140 509
Multicriteria analysis with fuzzy pairwise comparison Cb:000 513
Data envelopment analysis and its use in banking Cb:110 517
Optimal system design with multiple decision makers and possible debt: A multicriteria de novo programming approach Cb:110 519
Multimodal express package delivery: A service network design application Cc:000 523
Designing workflow coordination: Centralized versus market-based mechanisms Cz:150 527
Work force management practices for manufacturing flexibility Cz:150 529
Poor areas, or only poor people? Cz:220 531
Measurement processes are software, too Db:160 535
Exercising property rights to pollute: Do cancer risks and politics affect plant emission reductions? Db:240 539
Capacity allocation using past sales: When to turn-and-earn Dc:150 543
A quality control approach to consistency paradoxes in AHP Ea:000 547
PromoCastTM: A new forecasting method for promotion planning Eb:140 549
Planning electronic power systems under demand uncertainty with different technology lead times Ef:240 553
Measurements and the knowledge revolution Fa:100 557
The effects of coupling IT and work process strategies in redesign projects Fa:100 559
Artificial neural networks versus multivariate statistics: An application from economics Fb:230 561
A comparative analysis of regression and neural networks for university admissions Fb:290 565
Consumer acceptance of the internet as a channel of distribution Fc:140 569
Morality and computers: Attitudes and differences in moral judgements Fd:160 571
Performance evaluation of general and company specific models in software development effort estimation Fe:160 575
Software process simulation modeling: Why? What? How? Fe:160 579
Multi-method research: An empirical investigation of object-oriented technology Fe:160 585
Strategies for industrial relevance in software engineering education Ff:160 589
Operational research techniques in medical treatment and diagnosis: A review Z:280 592