QCAS / Volume 62 / Issue 1-2

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An application of the linear errors-in-variables model in semiconductor device performance assessment 110:Y 17
Another look at the EWMA control chart with estimated parameters 110:Y 19
Escaping from an attractor: Importance sampling and rest points I 210:Y 21
Two-stage plans for estimating the inverse of a monotone function 220:Y 23
Estimating population size using the network scale up method 230:Y 25
Sample size considerations in clinical trials when comparing two interventions using multiple co-primary binary relative risk contrasts 240:B 27
On the question of effective sample size in network modeling: An asymptotic Inquiry 240:Y 31
An adaptive resampling test for detecting the presence of significant predictors 290:Y 33
Bounds on treatment effects in the presence of sample selection and noncompliance: The wage effects of Job Corps 290:Y 35
Subsampling bootstrap of count features of networks 290:Y 37
Small-sample adjustments for tests of moderators and model fit using robust variance estimation in meta-regression 290:Y 39
A practical approach to data mining: I have all these data; now what should I do? 290:Y 43
The generalized multiset sampler 290:Y 45
Why and how TQM leads to performance improvements 311:Y 47
Integrated management systems towards sustainable and socially responsible organisation 313:Y 49
Cost-quality tradeoff in healthcare: Does it affect patient experience? 319:B 53
Virtual teams: Cultural adaptation, communication quality and interpersonal trust 332:Y 55
Testing for motivation to engage in improvements: A conceptual framework and an initial empirical test 334:Y 57
Effects of perceived organization support, employee engagement and organization citizenship behavior on quality performance 334:Y 59
Managing contract manufacturer quality in the presence of performance ambiguity 339:Y 61
Healthcare performance excellence: A comparison of Baldrige Award recipients and competitors 343:B 65
Total quality management practices and performance outcomes in Spanish service companies 410:Y 69
TQM practices and knowledge management: A multi-group analysis of constructs and structural invariance between the manufacturing and service sectors 410:Y 71
Emerging megatrends in quality engineering and the “New5S” response 430:Y 73
How Slovak small and medium manufacturing enterprises maintain quality costs: An empirical study and proposal for a suitable model 440:M 75
Statistical and computational challenges in whole genome prediction and genome-wide association analyses for plant and animal breeding 510:B 77
The conditional in-control performance of self-starting control charts 510:Y 79
A comparison of two-sample tests of significance when used with variable treatment effects 511:B 81
Model specification and confidence intervals for voice communication 511:Y 83
Comparison of test sizing approaches for initial and follow-on evaluation of strategic weapon systems 511:Z 87
Statistical methods for estimating the minimum thickness along a pipeline 519:Y 89
Randomized controlled field trials of predictive policing 519:Y 91
Bayesian estimation of the DINA model with Gibbs sampling 519:Y 95
Split-block split-plot experimental design to assess corrosion in medium carbon steel 522:M 97
Optimal design of blocked experiments in the presence of supplementary information about the blocks 522:Y 99
Response surface methodology using split-plot definitive screening designs 525:Y 101
A case study in mixture design: Multi response optimization of glaze formulation 529:M 105
Some ideas on why factorial designs are seldom used for full-scale experiments in continuous production processes 529:Y 107
Some counterclaims undermine themselves in observational studies 539:Y 109
Statistical significance of clustering using soft thresholding 539:Y 111
Case studies: Definitive screening applied to a simulation study of the F100-229 engine repair network 542:Y 115
Nonparametric confidence intervals for monotone functions 551:Y 117
Fighting healthcare fraud with statistics 630:B 119
Quality quandaries: Increasing the first time fix rate in a customer contact center 640:Y 121
Constructing innovative service quality for department stores 670:S 123
An application of the performance-evaluation model for e-learning quality in higher education 680:T 127
Effects of clinical pathway implementation on medical quality and patient satisfaction 690:B 129
Research on product quality control in Chinese online shopping: Based on the uncertainty mitigating factors of product quality 690:Y 133
Improving reliability understanding through estimation and prediction with usage information 810:Y 137
The constant shape parameter assumption in Weibull regression 820:Y 141
The loss of Malaysia Flight 370 860:Z 145
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