QCAS / Volume 62 / Issue 3

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Multivariate control charts based on the James-Stein estimator 119:Y 185
Fast integer-valued algorithms for optimal allocations under constraints in stratified sampling 210:Y 187
Importance sampling for option Greeks with discontinuous payoffs 210:Y 189
Estimation after selection from uniform populations with unequal sample size 240:Y 191
The ubiquitous Ewens sampling formula 290:Y 193
Asymptotically valid and exact permutation tests based on two-sample U-statistics 290:Y 195
Assessment of exponential methods of estimation under nonresponse in two-occasion successive sampling 290:Y 197
The rhetoric and reality of Lean: A multiple case study 314:Y 199
Quality assurance in the political context: In the midst of different expectations and conflicting goals 319:Y 203
The effect of collaboration quality on collaboration performance: Empirical evidence from manufacturing SMEs in the Republic of Korea 339:Y 205
Keep calm and prepare for ISO 9001:2015 342:Y 207
Assessing the organisational impact of external quality assurance: Hypothesising key dimensions and mechanisms 390:Y 211
Implementing the balanced scorecard: Its effect on the job environment 410:Y 213
Impact of implementation of quality management systems on internal communications and external relations at schools 410:Y 217
Application of just in time as a total quality management tool: The case of an aluminium foundry manufacturing 410:Y 219
The EPSI model as the main factor for identifying customer satisfaction: Empirical research 440:Y 221
Why organizations fail: Models and cases 490:Y 225
Confidence regions and intervals for meta-analysis model parameters 511:Y 227
Did Massachusetts health care reform lower mortality? No according to randomization inference 512:B 229
Estimation and inference on central mean subspace for multivariate response data 512:Y 231
Covariance matrix estimation for left-censored data 515:Y 233
Understanding and addressing the unbounded “likelihood” problem 519:Y 235
Analysis of an unreplicated 22 factorial experiment performed in a continuous process 529:Y 237
Optimal designs for comparing curves 529:Y 239
Mitigating bias in generalized linear mixed models: The case for Bayesian nonparametrics 551:Y 241
A nonparametric test for Granger causality in distribution with application to financial contagion 551:Y 243
Simulation-based fully Bayesian experimental design for mixed effects models 559:Y 245
The monitoring and improvement of surgical-outcome quality 670:B 247
Linking business strategy to service failures and financial performance: Empirical evidence from the US domestic airline industry 670:Z 249
Ranking Romanian academic departments in three fields of study using the g-index 680:T 253
Bringing Kaizen to the classroom: Lessons learned in an operations management course 680:T 257
Public administrators’ engagement in services co-creation: Factors that foster and hinder organisational learning about citizens 690:S 259
Bayesian life test planning for log-location-scale family of distributions 820:Y 263
Prioritization of QFD customer requirements based on the law of comparative judgments 830:Y 267
Maintenance scheduling of geographically distributed assets with prognostics information 840:Y 271
Total productive maintenance in support processes: An enabler for operation excellence 840:Y 273
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