QCAS / Volume 62 / Issue 4

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Dynamic sampling allocation and design selection 210:Y 307
Importance sampling for reliability evaluation with stochastic simulation models 210:Y 309
Sample size re-estimation designs in confirmatory clinical trials: Current state, statistical considerations and practical guidance 240:Y 311
Improved acceptance limits for ASTM standard E2810 290:B 315
Model-based distance sampling 290:Y 317
Inference for post-change parameters after sequential CUSUM test under AR(1) model 290:Y 319
Factors in the path from lean to patient safety: Six Sigma, goal specificity and responsiveness capability 314:Y 321
A study on the effect of learning organization readiness on employees’ quality commitment: The moderating effect of leader–member exchange 329:Y 323
The 4A’s improvement approach: A case study based on UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 342:Y 325
Supply chain quality management and environmental uncertainty: A contingency perspective 351:Y 329
On the role of impact evaluation of quality assurance from the strategic perspective of quality assurance agencies in the European higher education area 390:T 331
An experimental investigation on the innate relationship between quality and refactoring 390:Y 333
The challenge of integrating innovation and quality management practice 410:Y 337
Quality management and administrative innovation as firms’ capacity to adapt to their environment 410:Y 341
A case study on FMEA-based quality improvement of packaging designs in the TFT-LCD industry 420:Y 345
Do quality costs still matter? 440:Y 347
A comparison of inferential methods for highly nonlinear state space models in ecology and epidemiology 512:B 351
Estimation of a finite population mean and total using population ranks of sample units 512:Y 355
A statistical framework for hypothesis testing in read data comparison studies 519:Y 359
Statistical monitoring of safety in clinical trials 529:B 361
Optimal sliced Latin hypercube designs 529:Y 363
Model-robust R-optimal designs in linear regression models 541:Y 365
Nonparametric variable selection for predictive models and subpopulations in clinical trials 551:Y 369
Average entropy: A new uncertainty measure with application to image segmentation 590:Y 371
Hospital service quality measurement models: Patients from Asia, Europe, Australia and America 670:B 373
Exploring the mediating role of affective and cognitive satisfaction on the effect of service quality on loyalty 670:Y 375
Impact evaluation of quality assurance in higher education: Methodology and causal designs 680:T 377
Medical tourism service quality: Finally some empirical findings 690:B 381
Execution quality: An analysis of fulfillment errors at a retail distribution center 690:Y 383
Statistical methods for combining information: Stryker family of vehicles reliability case study 830:Y 387
Degradation-based maintenance decision using stochastic filtering for systems under imperfect maintenance 840:Y 391
A hard look at software quality 850:Y 393
Assembly-specific database for predicting human reliability in assembly operations 890:M 395
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