QCAS / Volume 59 / Issue 4

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Control charts for simultaneous monitoring of unknown mean and variance of normally distributed processes 110:Y 307
Optimal sampling ratios in comparative diagnostic trials 210:Y 309
Bayesian inference using Gibbs sampling in applications and curricula of decision analysis 210:Y 311
Acceptance sampling plans for half-normal distribution under truncated life tests 220:Y 313
Investigating non-ignorable dropout in panel studies of residential mobility 230:Y 315
Finite–sample equivalence in statistical models for presence–only data 290:Y 317
Deming management method: Subjecting theory to moderating and contextual effects 311:A 319
Measuring up: New research offers a view of the global quality environment 311:Y 323
What diverse top management team means: Resting an integrated model 312:A 325
Social networks and the identification of peer effects 313:Y 327
Feeling connected: 7 ways to enhance workplace relationships, motivation and productivity 332:Y 329
The impact of contextual factors on the efficiency of ISO 9000 adoption 342:Y 331
Consumer heterogeneity, product quality, and distribution channels 350:Y 333
Reinventing excellence: How Corning used quality to maintain its legacy of innovation for 160 years 410:A 337
On the map: Quality engrained in local government 410:Z 339
How do firm financial conditions affect product quality and pricing? 440:Y 341
Model based confidence bands for survival functions 511:Y 343
Accelerated test methods for reliability prediction 511:Y 345
More pitfalls of accelerated tests 511:Y 349
Robust tests in generalized linear models with missing responses 513:Y 353
Estimating omissions from searches 513:Y 357
On estimating the mean of the selected normal population in two-stage adaptive designsller Title: please update 520:Y 359
Local quantile regression 549:Y 361
Copula-based regression estimation and inference 549:Y 363
A nonparametric R2 test for the presence of relevant variables 551:Y 367
On nonparametric image registration 551:Y 371
A zero-inflated spatial gamma process model with applications to disease mapping 590:B 375
‘We are being pilloried for something, we did not even know we had done wrong!’ Quality control and orders of worth in the British audit profession 610:A 379
Use of the lognormal distribution for dimensions of cast parts 660:M 383
Process visualization in medical device manufacture: An adaptation of short run SPC techniques 660:M 385
An integrated framework for service quality: SQBOK perspective 670:S 387
Paving the Way: Seven data collection strategies to enhance your quality analyses 740:Y 389
Robust fitting of a Weibull model with optional censoring 820:Y 393
Assessing classifiers in terms of the partial area under the ROC curve 820:Y 395
Field-failure predictions based on failure-time data with dynamic covariate information 820:Y 397
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