QCAS / Volume 59 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Robust CUSUM control charting 110:Y 185
edcc: An R package for the economic design of the control chart 110:Y 187
Control charts for monitoring the variance of a time series 119:Y 189
Searching for a common pooling pattern among several Samples 210:Y 193
Handling attrition in longitudinal studies: The case for refreshment samples 210:Y 197
Defining predictive probability functions for species sampling models 210:Y 201
Optimal design of skip lot group acceptance sampling plans for the Weibull distribution and the generalized exponential distribution 220:Y 205
A framework for leading the transformation to performance excellence part I: CEO perspectives on forces, facilitators, and strategic leadership systems 312:A 207
Deming-based lean Six Sigma management as an answer to escalating hospital costs 314:Y 209
Time-relevant metrics in an era of continuous process improvement: The balanced scorecard revisited 319:Y 211
The effect of environmental complexity and environmental dynamism on lean practices 319:Y 215
Front-line employee versus customer perceptions of quality attributes 350:A 217
Minimum cost allocation of quality improvement targets under supplier process disruption 440:Y 221
The effect of aggregating data when monitoring a Poisson process 510:Y 223
Simulation-based confidence intervals for functions with complicated derivatives 511:Y 225
A two-step multiple imputation for analysis of repeated measures with left-censored and missing data 513:Y 229
Robust sparse principal component analysis 514:Y 231
Robust distances for outlier-free goodness-of-fit testing 514:Y 235
Modeling with normalized random measure mixture models 519:Y 237
Detecting influential data points for the Hill estimator in Pareto-type distributions 519:Y 241
Methods for planning repeated measures degradation studies 520:Y 243
A study of Mexican free-tailed bat chirp syllables: Bayesian functional mixed models for nonstationary acoustic time series 544:Z 247
Nonparametric feature screening 551:Y 251
Recent progress in the nonparametric estimation of monotone curves – With applications to bioassay and environmental risk assessment 551:Y 253
George E. P. Box, 1919-2013 590:Y 257
Linking cyclicality and product quality 660:Y 259
Sequence effects in service bundles: Implications for service design and scheduling 670:S 263
Perspectives of a clinical nurse specialist about improving the quality of nursing services 670:Y 265
Parts of the process – Evaluating the impact of the number of parts on a measurement process 740:Y 267
Tool time – Seven new quality tools aid appreciative inquiry 740:Y 269
Nonparametric estimation and bootstrap confidence intervals for the optimal maintenance time of the repairable system 820:Y 271
Reliability of a coherent system in a multicomponent stress-strength model 820:Y 273
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