QCAS / Volume 59 / Issue 1-2

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Two-sided charts for monitoring nonconforming parts per million 110:Y 17
A GLR control chart for monitoring the mean vector of a multivariate normal process 110:Y 19
A multivariate sign chart for monitoring process shape parameters 110:Y 21
Control charts based on the exponential distribution: Adapting runs rules for the t chart 110:Y 23
Spatial control charts for the mean 111:Y 25
Joint statistical design of X&#772 and s charts with combined double sampling and variable sampling interval 111:Y 27
Economic and economic-statistic designs of an X&#772 control chart for two-unit series systems with condition-based maintenance 111:Y 29
A variant of the parallel model for sample surveys with sensitive characteristics 210:Y 33
A further modification on linear systematic sampling for finite populations 210:Y 35
Joint optimization of sampling and control of partially observable failing systems 210:Y 37
On the Bahadur representation of sample quantiles and order statistics for NA sequences 210:Y 39
Sampling design for two combined samples of the farm accountancy data network (FADN) 210:Z 41
Homogeneous linear estimator and optimality in finite sampling 220:Y 45
A hypothesis test using bias-adjusted AR estimators for classifying time series in small samples 220:Y 47
Robust estimation for homoscedastic regression in the secondary analysis of case–control data 220:Y 49
Estimation of the mean of functional time series and a two-sample problem 220:Y 51
A test for the mean vector in large dimension and small samples 220:Y 53
Estimating a proportion from repeated sampling of a growing population 220:Y 55
Randomized response group testing model 230:Y 57
Automatic dwelling segmentation of the Buenos Aires Province for the 2010 Argentinian Census 230:Y 59
Do non-response follow-ups improve or reduce data quality? A review of the existing literature 230:Y 61
Optimal allocation of sampling effort in depletion surveys 230:Y 63
Reconstructing past populations with uncertainty from fragmentary data 230:Z 65
Testing and sample size for polygonal one-sided hypotheses on bivariate binary outcomes 240:Y 69
The right ingredients: Food quality requires building a culture while adhering to standards 311:A 71
Before the fact: FDA tries to shift from inspection to prevention 311:Z 73
The right blend: Lean Six Sigma is used in a chemotherapy mixing room to optimize operations 314:Y 75
A retrospective view of research in the Quality Management Journal: A thematic and key words analysis 319:A 79
A review of research in the Quality Management Journal: Influential resources, key themes, and emerging trendss 319:A 81
Quality improvement of medical wire manufacturing process 329:M 83
Apples to oranges? Clearing up the differences between ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards 342:Y 87
Effect of quality management systems and total quality management on productivity before and after: Empirical evidence from the Indian auto component industry 410:M 89
Does quality still pay? A reexamination of the relationship between effective quality management and firm performance 440:Y 91
Heart of the matter: Understanding variation and its relationship to quality 510:Y 95
Animation: An R package for creating animations and demonstrating statistical methods 510:Y 97
Confidence regions in models of ordered data 511:Y 99
Weighted likelihood estimation under two-phase sampling 512:Y 101
New important developments in small area estimation 512:Y 103
Inference for variograms 512:Y 107
Fast and robust bootstrap for multivariate inference: The R package FRB 512:Y 109
Optimization of interacting particle systems for rare event estimation 514:Y 113
Rare event estimation for computer models 514:Y 115
Seven in a row? The Tour de France and the likelihood of Lance 514:Z 117
The power of prediction: Minimize the impact of inconsistent supplier delivery by using statistical quality models 517:Y 119
A graphical comparison of response-adaptive randomization procedures 517:Y 121
Robust maximization of asymptotic growth under covariance uncertainty 519:Y 123
Sequential estimation for covariate-adjusted response-adaptive designs 520:Y 125
Three-stage industrial strip-plot experiments 520:Y 127
Experimental designs for identifying casual mechanisms 520:Y 129
Optimal discriminating designs for several competing regression models 540:Y 131
Nonparametric meta-analysis of independent samples of records 551:Y 133
Remanufacturing and the component commonality decision 660:M 135
The interplay between science and statistics in modeling stress-strain curve data 820:Y 137
Bayesian reliability when system and subsystem failure data are obtained in the same time period 820:Y 139
Availability analysis of repairable mechanical systems using analytical semi-Markov approach 820:Y 141
Optimal repair-replacement policies for a system with two types of failures 820:Y 143
Some discrete lifetime distributions with bathtub-shaped hazard rate functions 820:Y 145
The impact of process deterioration production and maintenance policies 840:Y 147
Imperfect debugging in software reliability: A Bayesian approach 850:Y 149
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