QCAS / Volume 56 / Issue 3

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On the performance of EWMA chart in the presence of two-component measurement error 110:Y 185
Linear filter model representations for integrated process control with repeated adjustments and monitoring 190:Y 187
A visualization decision support tool for multivariate SPC diagnosis using marginal CUSUM glyphs 190:Y 189
MCMC sampling for a multilevel model with non-independent residuals within and between cluster units 210:Y 193
On the probability of improved accuracy with increased sample size 240:Y 195
The future of the quality/excellence function: A vision from the Spanish firm 310:Y 197
Research on the correlation between design for Six Sigma implementation activity levels, new product development strategies and new product development performance in Taiwan’s high-tech manufacturers 314:Y 201
Role of explicit and tacit knowledge in Six Sigma projects: An empirical examination of different project success 314:Y 203
Critical analysis of Six Sigma implementation 314:Y 207
Improving the weakest link: A TOC-based framework for small businesses 329:Y 211
The impact of human resource capabilities on internal customer satisfaction and organizational effectiveness 332:A 215
Impact of multi-source feedback on leadership competency development: A longitudinal field study 334:Y 219
Results of an empirical investigation on the anticipated improvement areas of the ISO 9001:2000 standard 324:Y 221
The effects of e-business on the performance of strategic alliances 350:Y 225
A framework for building quality into construction projects – Part II 410:A 227
Contingency relationships of firm size, TQM duration, unionization, and industry context on TQM implementation – A focus on total effects 410:Y 229
Quality management initiatives in Europe: An empirical analysis according to their structural elements 410:Y 231
The effect of corporate culture and total quality management on construction project performance in Taiwan 430:Z 235
Older theory management for sustainability – A stakeholder theory 490:A 239
Multivariate effect size estimation: Confidence interval construction via latent variable modeling 511:Y 241
Maximum likelihood estimation for social network dynamics 512:Y 243
Ranking relations using analogies in biological and information networks 530:Y 247
Approximate tolerance limits under log-location-scale regression models in the presence of censoring 540:Y 251
Nonparametric profile monitoring by mixed effects modeling 551:Y 253
Managing service quality: The managers’ orientations and their consequences – Case study evidence of current practice 670:S 255
On the alignment of the purposes and views of process models in project management 690:Y 257
The effects of nationality of origin on satisfaction: An application for the public service of social housing 690:Y 261
Circling Back 740:Y 265
An empirical test of Deming’s chain reaction model 740:Y 267
Bayesian reliability, availability, and maintainability analysis for hardware systems described through continuous time Markov chains 820:Y 271
Availability of a one-unit system supported by several spares and repair facilities 840:Y 273
Optimally maintaining a Markovian deteriorating system with limited imperfect repairs 840:Y 275
Tactical and operational planning of scheduled maintenance for per-seat, on-demand air transportation 850:Z 277
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