QCAS / Volume 56 / Issue 4

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New EWMA control charts for monitoring process dispersion 110:Y 307
Properties of the exponential EWMA chart with parameter estimation 111:Y 309
A multivariate control chart for simultaneously monitoring process mean and variability 111:Y 313
A cumulative sum scheme for monitoring frequency and size of an event 190:Y 315
Nested lattice sampling: A new sampling scheme derived by randomizing nested orthogonal arrays 210:Y 319
Transformation and smoothing in sample survey data 210:Y 323
Conditional and restricted Pareto sampling: Two new methods for unequal probability sampling 210:Y 325
The wisdom of the coach: A review of managerial coaching in the Six Sigma context 314:A 329
The dynamics of value generation and their dependence on an organization’s internal and external value system 332:Y 331
Dispositions, organizational commitment and satisfaction: A longitudinal study of MBA graduates 339:Y 335
Investigating total quality management practice’s inter-relationships in ISO 9001:2000 certified organizations 343:Y 339
Building TQM by integrated strategies for B2B industry: Next-generation lighting technology in Taiwan 410:A 341
Sustaining business excellence 440:A 345
Impact of quality management on hospital performance: An empirical examination 490:B 349
Three examples of accurate likelihood inference 512:Y 353
Consistency of normal-distribution-based pseudo maximum likelihood estimates when data are missing at random 512:Y 355
The algebraic degree of phase-type distributions 517:Y 357
The first (known) statistical graph: Michael Florent van Langren and the “secret” of longitude 552:Y 359
Quality quandaries: Improving the invoicing process of a consulting company 610:A 361
A framework for the assessment of an organization’s innovation excellence 640:Y 365
Knowledge discovery and analysis in manufacturing 660:Y 369
An evaluation of SERVQUAL and patient loyalty in an emerging country context 670:S 373
A comparative analysis of the ports of Incheon and Shanghai: The cognitive service quality of ports, customer satisfaction, and post-behavior 670:S 377
A study of the quality of police services in exercising public power in Taiwan 670:Y 381
Building process understanding for vaccine manufacturing using data mining 680:B 385
Corporate social responsibility: Implications for performance excellence 690:Y 389
The evaluation of quality attributes of NPO products: A case in medical garments 710:B 393
Optimization of component reliability in the design phase of capital goods 810:Y 397
Principal component analysis applied to filtered signals for maintenance management 840:A 401
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