QCAS / Volume 56 / Issue 1-2

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An evaluation of a GLR control chart for monitoring the process mean 110:Y 17
Optimal design of a CUSUM chart for mean shift of unknown size 111:Y 19
Variable selection for multivariate statistical process control 111:Y 21
Conrtol charts for poisson count data with varying sample sizes 112:Y 23
Rethinking Statistics for Quality Control 130:Y 25
Trading machines: Using SPC to assess performance of financial trading systems 190:A 27
An industrial monitoring problem 190:M 29
Some Reflections on G.E.P. Box’s contributions to statistics and quality improvement 190:Y 31
George Box: A source of inspiration for quality and productivity 190:Y 33
Estimation of the finite population mean in two phase sampling when auxiliary variables are attributes 210:Y 35
Information complexity based modeling in the presence of length-biased sampling 210:Y 37
A comparison of sample set restriction procedures 210:Y 39
Testing parameters of a Gamma distribution for small samples 210:Y 41
Near optimum allocations in stratified sampling 210:Y 43
Bayesian geoadditive sample selection models 210:Y 45
Single sampling plan based on generalized exponential distribution 210:Y 47
On the distributions of multivariate sample skewness 210:Y 49
Designing sampling plans to capture rare objects 220:Y 51
Improved attribute acceptance sampling plans based on maxima nomination sampling 220:Y 53
Experimental studies of disclosure risk, disclosure harm, topic sensitivity and survey participation 230:Y 55
Bayesian analysis for outliers in survey sampling 230:Y 57
Kernel regression estimators for non parametric model calibration in survey sampling 230:Y 59
Adjusting for nonignorable sample attrition using survey substitutes identified by propensity score matching: An empirical investigation using labour market data 230:Y 61
Estimating the prevalence of sensitive behavior and cheating with a dual design for direct questioning and randomized response 230:Y 63
Construction and selection of quick switching multiple sampling system: Sample size tightening 240:Y 65
Asymptotic properties of the EPMC for modified linear discriminant analysis when sample size and dimension are both large 240:Y 67
The effect of estimation method and sample size in multilevel structural equation modeling 240:Y 69
Optimal sign test for quantiles in ranked set samples 290:Y 71
Six triumphs and six tragedies of six sigma 314:Y 73
Black belt coaching and project outcomes: An empirical investigation 314:Y 75
Managing continuous improvement in Vietnam: Unique challenges and approaches to overcome themFiller 490:Y 77
Data-driven k-sample tests 511:Y 79
Relative risk estimated from the ratio of two median unbiased estimates 512:Y 81
Testing and estimation of purely nonparametric effects in repeated measures designs 512:Y 83
A Bayesian predictive inference for small area means incorporating covariates and sampling weights 512:Y 85
Predication for Pareto distribution based on progressively type II censored samples 512:Y 87
Goodness-of-fit tests for modeling ordinal data 512:Y 89
Trends in income nonresponse over two decades 513:Y 91
Evaluation and selection of models for attrition nonresponse adjustment 513:Y 93
The effect of non-response adjustments on variance estimation 515:Y 95
A path sampling identity for computing the Kullback–Leibler and J divergences 519:Y 97
Mean and sensitivity estimation in optional randomized response models 519:Y 99
Moment-ratio diagrams for univariate distributions 519:Y 101
Modeling and evaluating repeatability and reproducibility of ordinal classifications 519:Y 103
A covariate-adjusted adaptive design for two-stage clinical trials with survival data 520:Y 105
Uncertainty in designed experiments 520:Y 107
Response surface methodology in biotechnology 525:B 109
Estimation and adjustment of bias in randomized evidence by using mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis 529:Y 111
Testing for serial correlation: Generalized Andrews–Ploberger tests 530:Y 113
A comparison of maximum likelihood and median-rank regression for Weibull estimation 540:Y 115
How many studies do you need? A primer on statistical power for meta-analysis 540:Y 117
A noncentral t regression model for meta-analysis 540:Y 121
Nonparametric k-sample test based on kernel density estimation for paired design 551:Y 125
Pareto distribution in acceptance sampling based on truncated life tests 590:Y 127
A simple approach to solve multi objective shortest path problem 590:Y 129
Organizational culture, knowledge management, and patient safety in U.S. hospitals 670:B 131
Employee flow as an integrated and qualitative system: Impact on business-to-business service quality 670:S 133
How one accreditation agency can address higher education’s quality crisis 680:T 137
Statistical challenges facing early outbreak detection in biosurveillance 690:B 139
Statistical methods for fighting financial crimes 690:Z 141
Fraud detection in telecommunications: History and lessons learned 690:Z 143
Robust design measurement systems 710:Y 145
The evaluation of median-rank regression and maximum likelihood estimation techniques for a two-parameter Weibull distribution 820:Y 147
Some reliability measures for three component system in the presence of CCS failures and human errors 820:Y 149
Reliability data analysis for life test experiments with subsampling 820:Y 151
A repairable parallel system sustained by standby units with failure in bulk 840:Y 153
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