OR/MS / Volume 56 / Issue 4

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The timing of capacity investment with lead times: When do firms act in unison? Ac:110 309
History and the sizes of cities Ac:220 313
Fleet replacement, technology choice and the option to breach a leasing contract Af:100 315
Possibility engineering Ag:100 319
The middleman as a panacea for supply chain coordination problems Ah:120 323
A profit-driven approach to building a “people-responsible” supply chain Ah:130 327
About capital in the twenty-first century Az:230 331
The effectiveness of management-by-walking-around: A randomized field study Bd:100 335
Unintended effects of anonymous resumes Bd:130 339
An analysis of managerialism and performance in English and Welsh male prisons Bd:130 343
Congestion behavior and tolls in a bottleneck model with stochastic capacity Cc:000 347
Scheduling: Agreement graph vs. resource constraints Cc:100 351
The maximin HAZMAT routing problem Cc:220 353
Long term production planning of open pit mines by ant colony optimization Cd:240 355
On the system optimum dynamic traffic assignment and earliest arrival flow problems Cg:250 359
Competitive goals and plant investment in environment and safety practices: Moderating effect of national culture Cg:250 363
Stress on the ward: Evidence of safety tipping points in hospitals Db:220 367
Production and inventory control for a make-to-stock/ calibrate-to-order system with dedicated and shared resources Dd:000 369
Revenue management for operations with urgent orders Dz:110 371
Design of near optimal decision rules in multistage adaptive mixed-integer optimization Ea:000 375
Credit supply and the price of housing Eb:220 377
Inventory sharing and coordination among independent retailers Ed:100 379
Demand shocks and open economy puzzles Ed:120 383
Risk preferences around the world Ef:000 385
Toward mass adoption of electric vehicles: Impact of the range and resale anxieties Ef:250 387
One laptop per child at home: Short-term impacts from a randomized experiment in Peru Fa:220 391
The buffer effect: The role of color when advertising exposures are brief and blurred Fc:140 393
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