OR/MS / Volume 56 / Issue 3

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Foundation of nomology Ac:100 187
Online intermediary as a channel for selling quality-differentiated services Af:100 193
Design innovativeness and product sales’ evolution Af:100 197
Sticking with what (barely) worked: A test of outcome bias Ag:130 201
Supply chain structure in a market with deceptive counterfeits Ah:100 205
Remanufactured products in closed-loop supply chains for consumer goods Ah:120 209
Operations research models for coalition structure in collaborative logistics Az:120 213
Naivete, projection bias, and habit formation in gym attendance Bc:220 215
Clumped or piecewise? Evidence on preferences for information Bd:130 219
Psychological profiling of world leaders Bz:130 221
Cost efficiency in data envelopment analysis under the law of one price Cb:110 225
Collaboration and multitasking in networks: Architectures, bottlenecks, and capacity Cc:000 227
Optimal appointment scheduling in continuous time: The lag order approximation method Cc:100 231
Outpatient appointment scheduling given individual day-dependent no-show predictions Cc:210 233
Waiting patiently: An empirical study of queue abandonment in an emergency department Cc:220 235
Solving air traffic conflict problems via local continuous optimization Cg:250 239
Min-max vs. min-sum vehicle routing: A worst-case analysis Cg:250 243
Remanufacturing, third-party competition and consumers’ perceived value of new products Db:100 245
An assessment of TARP assistance to financial institutions Db:230 249
Decision making under uncertainty when preference information is incomplete Ea:000 253
Multi-criteria group decision making based on bilateral agreements Ea:000 255
The economic lot-sizing problem with an emission capacity constraint Ed:100 257
Evaluating risk of water mains failure using Bayesian belief network model Ed:250 261
Pareto and Piketty: The macroeconomics of top income and wealth inequality Ee:230 263
Measuring uncertainty Ef:000 265
Managing perishables with time and temperature history Ef:210 267
The effect of content on global internet adoption and the global “digital divide” Fa:220 271
Security threats, humanitarian needs Fz:220 273
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