OR/MS / Volume 56 / Issue 5-6

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Age-related structural inertia: A distance-based approach Ac:130 431
Greenwash vs. Brownwash: Exaggeration and undue modesty in corporate sustainability disclosure Ae:100 435
Will a second mouse get the cheese? Learning from early entrants’ failures in a foreign market Af:100 439
Breaking free of a stereotype: Should a domestic brand pretend to be a foreign one? Ag:100 443
Does organizational forgetting affect vendor quality performance? An empirical investigation Ah:100 447
Identifying risks and mitigating disruptions in the automotive supply chain Ah:120 451
The paradox of corrupt networks: An analysis of organizational crime at Enron Bb:100 455
Why and how do employees break and bend confidential information protection rules? Bc:130 459
Evaluating behaviorally motivated policy: Experimental evidence from the light bulb market Bc:140 463
Consumer uncertainty and purchase decision reversals: Theory and evidence Bc:140 467
Cooperation, but no reciprocity: Individual strategies in the repeated prisoner’s dilemma Bz:130 469
Going off script: How managers make sense of the ending of their careers Bz:130 471
Performance evaluation of participating nations at 2012 London Summer Olympics by a two-stage data envelopment analysis Cb:220 475
The fixed charge transportation problem: An exact algorithm based on a new integer programming formulation Cb:250 477
Two exact algorithms for the traveling umpire problem Cc:000 481
Delay management including capacities of stations Cc:100 485
The vehicle routing problem with divisible deliveries and pickups Cc:120 489
The dial-a-ride problem with split requests and profits Cc:220 493
The maximum throughput on a golf course Cc:220 497
Optimal ordering for a probabilistic one-time discount Cd:120 501
Service-delivery modeling and optimization Cd:120 505
The elevator trip origin-destination matrix estimation problem Cz:100 509
The composition of optimally wise crowds Cz:130 511
Control of patient flow in emergency departments, or multiclass queues with deadlines and feedback Dd:220 513
Wine futures and advance selling under quality uncertainty Eb:100 517
Asymptotically optimal inventory control for assemble-to-order systems with identical lead times Ed:150 521
Financial interpretations of herd behavior index and its statistical estimation Ee:130 525
Averting catastrophes: The strange economics of Scylla and Charybdis Ef:000 527
Dynamic pricing of new services in subscription markets Ef:100 529
Managing underperformance risk in project portfolio selection Ef:110 533
The reaction of stock returns to news about fundamentals Ef:110 537
Use of insurance against a small loss as an incentive strategy Ef:130 541
Bang for the buck: Gain-loss ratio as a driver of judgment and choice Ef:130 543
Digital content provision and optimal copyright protection Fa:100 545
Is a Cambrian Explosion coming for robotics? Fa:160 549
Social contagion in new product trial and repeat Fc:140 553
Consumer search activities and the value of ad positions in sponsored search advertising Fc:140 557
Optimal policies for security patch management Fc:160 561
The data transfer problem in a system of systems Fe:170 565
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